March 4, 2015

Wednesday, 03/04/2015
Plummer Conference Room
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Rachel Juneau


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Plummer Conference Room 102 – 10:00 a.m.


Meeting began at 10:05 a.m. and adjourned at 10:30 a.m.


Attendees: Cruse Melvin, Steve Doblin, Priscilla Parsons, Juan Zabala, Charla Pate, Vicki McNeil, & Kevin Smith.

1.  Distribution of Minutes

   Wed., February 4, 2015

 Minutes were distributed and approved as circulated.

2.  Monthly Status Report

   (Priscilla Parsons)


  Firewall and Edge Router replacement – 66% complete

·         Firewall replacement is scheduled at the disaster recovery site in San Marcos for April 1, 2015.

·         An announcement to update VPN client will be sent out following a disaster recovery test. The old VPN client will still be available for use.

  Wireless Internet

·         75% of campus buildings have had Ruckus Wireless installed.

·         A new sign-on process will be implemented within the Spring semester.  Guests will be able to log in with a decreased level of service.

  ODS Application upgrade (to 11.4.1)

·         LSCO upgrade is scheduled for March 3-5, 2015.

·         LIT upgrade is scheduled for March 23-25, 2015.

·         LU upgrade is scheduled for April 6-8, 2015.

  Active Directory Upgrade

·         A Statement of Work with Dell is in its final phase. Work is anticipated to begin in early April 2015.

  Virtualization of Campus Labs

·         The lab environment is up and running.

·         Faculty members have tested the system and it will be available to two classes of students beginning March 23, 2015.

  CAS Upgrade and Shibboleth Implementation - complete

·         Security Awareness Training is piloting Shibboleth.

  Security Camera System Replacement

·         The environment is scheduled to be completed by March 31, 2015.

·         IT will be working with Dr. McNeil to schedule the access control cut-over in the Residence Halls. Most likely this will occur over the summer.

  Touchnet Marketplace

·         Remote consulting & implementation support began March 4, 2015.

·         The pilot is expected to be up by May 1, 2015, though changes within the Finance department may cause some delays on this project.

  Equipment Standards / Recommendations

·         Desktop, laptop, and monitor standards are complete.

·         Standards for printers and projectors (including wireless projectors) are in progress.

  CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

·         Phase one of this project will focus on recruiting.

·         A Statement of Work for consulting will be finalized on March 5, 2015.

·         The consultant should be on site the following week.

·         This will likely be a rolling implementation based on Admission’s schedules.

  Housing System (Starez) Single Sign-on

·         Starez application upgrade is complete.

·         The 2003 server was upgraded to 2012.

·         CAS single sign-on can be put on hold until Residence Life is ready for implementation.



  CAS / Shibboleth upgrade



  Campus Expansion of Xtender Document Imaging (candidate has been selected)

  Microsoft O365 evaluation (email, collaboration, video conferencing) – in planning




  Disaster Recovery Test scheduled for March 13-15, 2015

Outages: none

3.  Academic Computing Committee

(Larry Osborne)

 In the January meeting, Dr. Curry from Industrial Engineering spoke about the virtual desktops project. Ms. Parsons and Mr. Stewart from IT discussed Citrix, the wireless project, and the new camera system.

During the February meeting, Mr. Varadaraj from IT presented the new information security plan. There was no quorum, so the committee did not put it to vote. Ms. Parsons noted that she received some constructive criticism for improved readability. The NSF grant for campus infrastructure was also discussed. The proposal for this $500,000 grant is due March 24, 2015. Dr. Kelleher’s office is providing support on the grant writing process.

4. Other Items

 Dr. Melvin brought up an ongoing conversation on how the university addresses lease management in regards to software licenses. At the core of this discussion is whether IT or individual departments should manage these leases. Ms. Parsons is looking into this issue further.

5. Next Meeting April 1, 2015 at 10:00a.m. in the Plummer Conference Room #102