July 12, 2022

Tuesday, 07/12/2022
John and Mary Gray Library, 8th Floor
Submitted By:
Stephanie Allen

The meeting was called to order by Stephanie Allen, Secretary, at 2:05pm.  Roll was taken by Stephanie and a quorum was present.

Officers present:  Stephanie Allen

Members present: Albertine Ambers, Angela Burke, Candy Cazares, Megan Cochran, Lauren Gatto, Stacie Granger, Paula Gregory, Alicia Hargreaves, Kristin Helm, Charlotte Holliman, Margo Hymer, Angie Laudig, Natalie Rhodes, Sharon Sanders, Katherine Tristan, Ciera Vaidya, Julie Walker, Jon-Michael Wallace


Guest Speaker:  Our guest speakers were Jamie Larson, Interim CFO, and Marsha Worthy, Assoc. Director, HR.  They spoke on the recent title consolidations, title changes, title salary changes, etc.  They acknowledged some issues with the initial roll-out of the changes, and most of those changes have been rectified in subsequent roll-outs.  This will be happening campus-wide among all staff positions.


Committee Reports:

Bylaws Committee:  No report.

Communications Committee:  No report.

Community Service Committee:  No report.

Nominations Committee:  Jon-Michael gave the following report:

  • 28 nominations were received
  • All 28 were accepted.
  • There are 4 areas without representation.


Staff Awards Committee:  No report.

Staff Social Events Committee: No report.

Staff Relations Committee: Paula asked that SC members utilize the KUDOS function on the website to boost morale among staff members.

Ad Hoc (Employee Initiative) Committee:  No report.  Sharlene is no longer with Lamar.

Ad Hoc (Centennial) Committee:  No report.


Old Business:  None

New Business: None

Good of the Order:  None


The next Staff Council meeting will be August 9 at 2:00pm, on the 8th floor of the Gray Library.  A calendar invite for this meeting was sent out on 2/16/2022.


Paula moved to adjourn the meeting and Julie seconded.

There being no further business, Stephanie adjourned the meeting at 3:31pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Allen, Secretary

Lamar University Staff Council