April 12, 2022

Tuesday, 04/12/2022
CICE Building, Room 113
Submitted By:
Stephanie Allen

The meeting was called to order by Yinka Jenmy, Vice President, at 2:04pm.  Roll was taken by Stephanie Allen, Secretary, and a quorum was present.

Officers present: Yinka Jenmy, Stephanie Allen

Members present: Albertine Ambers, Angela Burke, Reba Daniels, Lauren Gatto, Stacie Granger, Paula Gregory, Alicia Hargreaves, Charlotte Holliman, Margo Hymer, Carly Olliff, Ashley Sheehan, Julie Walker,


Committee Reports:

Bylaws Committee:  No report

Communications Committee:  No report

Community Service Committee:

  • Donations for the Cardinal Pantry will be accepted at the Employee Appreciation Picnic.
    • Students from the Wesley Foundation will transport the items back to the pantry.
  • Donations for the Caldwood Elementary School Cardinal Nest will be accepted at the Employee Appreciation Picnic.
    • Stephanie will transport the items to Teresa Simpson.
  • Future projects:
    • Twice-yearly Cardinal Pantry Drive
      • Convocation
      • Spring
    • Book Drive for books for children to take home/keep

Nominations Committee:  No report

Staff Awards Committee:  Per Julie, all is ready for the awards to be given out at the Employee Appreciation Picnic.

Staff Social Events Committee: Per Yinka, all is ready to go for the Staff Appreciation Picnic.

Staff Relations Committee: No report

Ad Hoc (Employee Initiative) Committee:  Per Sharlene (via email), staff recognition/coins are being finalized.

Ad Hoc (Centennial) Committee:  No report


Old Business:  There was no old business.

New Business: The was no new business.

Good of the Order:  There was no Good of the Order.


The next Staff Council meeting will be May 10, 2022 at 2:00pm, on the 8th floor of the Gray Library.  A calendar invite for this meeting was sent out on 2/16/2022.

Yinka moved to adjourn the meeting and Stephanie seconded.

There being no further business, Yinka adjourned the meeting at 2:17pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Allen, Secretary

Lamar University Staff Council