February 15, 2022

Tuesday, 02/15/2022
Reaud Event Center, Reaud Administration Building
Submitted By:
Stephanie Allen

The meeting was called to order by Diann Brodnax, President, at 2:05pm.  Roll was taken by Stephanie Allen, Secretary, and a quorum was present.

Officers present: Diann Brodnax, Yinka Jenmy, Stephanie Allen

Members present: Albertine Ambers, Angela Burke, Megan Cochran, Reba Daniels, Lauren Gatto, Alicia Hargreaves, Sharlene Hatch, Kristin Helm, Charlotte Holliman, Renee Hunter, Margo Hymer, Carly Olliff, Natalie Rhodes, JT Robertson, Ciera Vaidya, Julie Walker, Jon-Michael Wallace


The Staff Council Officers handed out Staff Council bags containing pens, candy, water bottle, notepad, and a thank you note, to show our appreciation of the Staff Council members.

Diann asked that any Council member who still needs a shirt to get with her regarding size/gender/color/fabric type after the meeting.

Diann asked the Committees to break out and discuss issues/choose chair-co-chair-record keeper/etc.

Diann asked that any Council member who was not on a committee to meet with her.

After Committee discussions, all members came back together to continue the meeting.


Committee Reports:

Community Service Committee:  No report

Staff Relations Committee: Margo Hymer, Co-Chair, made the following announcements:

  • The committee is working on more communication between HR/Departments/Staff regarding title changes/new hires/directory.
  • More information regarding KUDOS will be presented at the next meeting.
  • The committee is looking into To Go containers for faculty/staff for the dining hall.

Nominations Committee:  No report

Bylaws Committee:  No report

Staff Awards Committee:  Julie Walker, Chair, gave the following report:

  • The Staff Awards ceremony is tentatively scheduled for April 20, 2022.

Staff Social Events Committee: Yinka gave the following report:

  • The Staff Appreciation Picnic is tentatively scheduled for April 20, 2022.
  • LU Umbrellas will be given out to staff members.
  • Faculty Senate has expressed interest in assisting with the picnic.
  • Popcorn, sno-cone, and LU Floats (with color changing cups!) will be available this year.
  • The committee will get in touch with the Art Department to discuss having a caricaturist at the picnic.

Ad Hoc Committee:  Sharlene Hatch, Chair, gave the following report:

  • Staff recognition initiatives will be finalized and brought to the officers and then to the Council

Centennial Committee:  No report


Old Business:  There was no old business.

New Business: The was no new business.

Good of the Order:  Sharlene asked that all council members complete any past due trainings and to remind their departments to do the same.


The next Staff Council meeting will be March 1, 2022 at 2:00pm, location 8th floor, Library.

Julie moved to adjourn the meeting and Yinka seconded.

There being no further business, Diann adjourned the meeting at 2:53pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Allen, Secretary

Lamar University Staff Council