December 14, 2021

Tuesday, 12/14/2021
John and Mary Gray Library, 8th Floor
Submitted By:
Stephanie Allen

The meeting was called to order by Stephanie Allen, Secretary, at 12:05pm.  Roll was taken by Stephanie and a quorum was present.

Officers present: Diann Brodnax, Yinka Jenmy, Stephanie Allen, Dimples Jones

Members present: Angela Burke, Candy Cazares, Reba Daniels, Lauren Gatto, Ashley Glenn, Paula Gregory, Alicia Hargreaves, Kristin Helm, Charlotte Holliman, Renee Hunter, Margo Hymer, Wilma Jackson, Karen Kessinger, Polly McNeel, Sharon Mistrot, Yolanda Monroe, Carly Olliff, JT Robertson, Ashley Sheehan, Ciera Vaidya, Manas Vaidya, Jon-Michael Wallace


Guest:  President Jaime Taylor

Stephanie introduced President Taylor, and then asked all council members to introduce themselves.

After all attendees had eaten and visited, President Taylor gave a few quick words:

  • Our focus is on students
  • What we as staff do for our students sticks with them for years
  • Our staff is who our students go to in times of need
  • Staff is greatly appreciated


Committee Reports:  There were no committee reports.

Old Business:  There was no old business.

New Business: The was no new business.

Good of the Order:  None


The next Staff Council meeting will be February 8, 2022 at 2:00pm, location 8th floor, Library.

There being no further business, Diann adjourned the meeting at 1:00pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Allen, Secretary

Lamar University Staff Council