October 12, 2021

Tuesday, 10/12/2021
John and Mary Gray Library, 8th Floor
Submitted By:
Stephanie Allen

The meeting was called to order by Diann Brodnax, President, at 2:01pm.  Roll was taken by Stephanie Allen, Secretary.  A quorum was present.

Officers present: Diann Brodnax, Stephanie Allen, Dimples Jones

Members present: Lauren Gatto, Paula Gregory, Alicia Hargreaves, Sharlene Hatch, Charlotte Holliman, Margo Hymer, Karen Kessinger, Sharon Mistrot, Natalie Rhodes, Ashley Sheehan, Ciera Vaidya, Julie Walker, Jon-Michael Wallace

Guests present:  Jeremy Alltop, Kenneth Rodriguez

Guest Speaker Jeremy Alltop, VP Finance and Operations spoke on the following items:

  • Approved budget for this academic year
  • Based on student credit hour enrollment
  • Fall revenue met expectations, there were no budget cuts for the Fall semester
  • Full budget books are available on the Board of Regents website
  • A handout was given to the members for the Operating Budget Comparison
  • Council on Instructional Departments
  • LU has enough funds in reserves to run for one month – the goal is to build cash reserves to have enough for 11 months
  • $5000 was added to the Staff Council budget
  • Working to set a LU minimum wage of $11.00/hr
  • Working to do away with all of the paper forms
  • How do we reward and recognize employees – asked for suggestions
  • How do we make LU a better place to work – asked for suggestions
  • Working with Human Resources on retirement, resignation, job classification, etc
  • Budget will be revisited to see what programs are growing (AP, Campus)
  • Alltop is now the Staff Council financial liaison

Diann Brodnax, Staff Council President, addressed the following items:

  • Please sign up for committees and passed around the committee sign-up sheets
  • Staff Council Shirts – being ordered for those who do not already have shirts
  • Please email Diann with size, color, and fabric preference
  • Regarding a Staff Council T-shirt, Staff present voted and preferred the long, raglan sleeve, black with red sleeves
  • Staff Council Meeting time was change to 2:00 from 10:00.
  • Margo suggested having a TEAMS meeting during the meeting for those members who cannot attend in person

Committee Reports:

Community Service Committee:  Diann made the following announcement:

  • The Nutrition and Services for Seniors Spooky Spud sale deadline is October 25th.

Staff Relations Committee: Paula Gregory, Chair, made the following announcements:

  • The committee met with Tony Sanchez, Assistant VP Human Resources and will have a more detailed report at the next Staff Council meeting.

Nominations Committee: Jon-Michael Wallace, Chair, gave the following report:

  • 17 valid nominations were submitted
  • 10 areas still not represented
  • Nominations will be open through Friday (10/15)

Bylaws Committee:  No report

Staff Awards Committee:  Julie Walker, Chair, gave the following report:

  • Distinguished Staff Awards nominations are due by 5:00 on October 22, 2021
  • The DSA Luncheon will be held November 15 from 11:00-1:00.

Ad Hoc Committee:  Sharlene Hatch, Chair, gave the following report:

  • Looking at recognition options
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Staff of the Quarter
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Human Resources/Staff Council collaboration
  • Will bring items to officers, them Mr. Alltop, then Council
  • Bi-weekly meetings

Old Business:  There was no old business.

New Business: The was no new business.

Good of the Order:  No report.


The next Staff Council meeting will be November 9, 2021 at 2:00pm, location 8th floor, Library.

Alicia moved to adjourn the meeting and Paula seconded the motion.

There being no further business, Diann adjourned the meeting at 3:05pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Allen

Stephanie Allen, Secretary

Lamar University Staff Council