June 8, 2021

Tuesday, 06/08/2021
Submitted By:
Mandy Arceneaux

The meeting was called to order by Yinka Jenmy, Vice President, at 10:01 a.m.  

Roll was taken by Mandy Arceneaux, Secretary.  A quorum was present.

Members present: Yinka Jenmy, Mandy Arceneaux , Dimples Jones, Alicia Hargreaves, Angela Laudig, Charlotte Holliman, Chrissy Jones, Ciera Vaidya, JT Robertson, Johnny Jarrell, Julie Walker, Karen Kessinger, Katherine Tristan, Margo Hymer, Natalie Rhodes, Paula Gregory, Robert Wagner (Guest), Sharlene Hatch, Stacie Granger, Stephanie Allen, Yolanda Monroe

Guest Speaker

Dr. Bert Wagner – Emergency Preparedness

Dr. Wagner shared a short presentation that was prepared for Deans, Department Chairs and Department Heads. There were a few key points he wanted to stress as hurricane season is upon us and we must do training to prepare. Bert reported that we have an Emergency Operations team that is fully formed and fully trained. Stacie Granger asked Bert about giving a list of individuals who may need to access campus to check on labs and equipment. Alicia Hargreaves asked about being able to inform the public through the radio and tv of what happenings on campus before having to evacuate. Sharlene Hatch reminded Bert and everyone to encourage all employees to update their information in Self-Service Banner.

Committee Reports:

Community Service: No report.

Staff Awards Ceremony: Julie Walker, Committee Chair, reported that the picnic was a big hit and the committee consensus is that they would like to have that type of event again next year and still give out the staff awards at that time. With the remaining awards, the committee will be asking Staff Council members to pass out to recipients. A Distinguished Staff Award luncheon will be held in the Fall 2021 to award 2021 recipients and will hopefully continue that way to be separate from the awards. Julie thanked everyone for all of their help.

Staff Social Events: No report.

Student Success: No report.

Communications: No report.

Staff Relations:  Paula Gregory, Committee Chair, said there were two main issues the committee was working on; a parking issue and ADA handicap compliance issue. The committee will visit with Kyle Mutz, Director of the Disability Resource Center and Dr. Bert Wager, Director of Campus Operations in the coming weeks to address these issues. The committee was given a list of staff members at LU and will be dividing up the list to share Kudos. All staff members will know that the staff council page exists and they can use this kudos form to be more involved and submit information.

Nominations:  No report.

Bylaws Committee:  No report.

Diversity Committee: No report. Stephanie Allen, Committee Chair, is meeting with the Bylaws Committee to finalize the description and scope of the Diversity Committee.        

Unfinished Business:


New Business:

Nominations for staff council will happen this month. The nomination form is not up on the Staff Council website yet, but Diann Brodnax, President, is reaching out to Christy to update the form and get it posted. Current members can check the website now to confirm their term dates. More information will be coming in July for nominations for President and Treasurer. Yinka Jenmy, Vice President and Dimples Jones, Treasurer, encouraged everyone to consider these roles and not to be afraid of running when the positions become available. Yinka also encouraged everyone to attend the President’s Breakfast this Thursday beginning at 9am in the Executive Event Space in the Reaud Administration Building. 

Good of the Order:



The next Staff Council meeting will be July 13, 2021 in Executive Event Space (Reaud Administration Bldg.)

Motion to adjourn – Julie Walker, Council Member and Staff Awards Ceremony Committee Chair

Second – Stacie Granger, Council Member and Staff Awards Ceremony Committee Co-Chair

The meeting was adjourned at 10:36 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mandy Arceneaux

Mandy Arceneaux, Staff Council Secretary