May 11, 2021

Tuesday, 05/11/2021
Submitted By:
Mandy Arceneaux

The meeting was called to order by Diann Brodnax, President, at 10:03 a.m.  

Roll was taken by Mandy Arceneaux, Secretary.  A quorum was present.

Members present:  Diann Brodnax, Yinka Jenmy, Mandy Arceneaux, Dimples Jones, Stephanie Allen, Demi Estrello, Stacie Granger, Paula Gregory, Sharlene Hatch, Margo Hymer, Chrissy Jones, Karen Kessinger, Angela Laudig, Yolanda Monroe, Candice Moore, Natalie Rhodes, JT Robertson, Sharon Sanders, Ciera Vaidya, Julie Walker, Jon-Michael Wallace

Guest Speaker


Committee Reports:

Community Service: Looking to re-stock the pantry fully for Fall but knowing that there are students on campus during the summer, Yolanda Monroe, Chair, and Sharlene Hatch, Council Member, have both agreed to put out boxes to collect items for the summer.

Staff Awards Ceremony: The Distinguished Staff Awards luncheon was very well received. Yinka Jenmy, Staff Council Vice President and Diann will be working together to identify those who still need to pick up their award and will coordinate with other SC members to have those awards delivered. A meeting with be scheduled soon to recap what worked best and what opportunities we can build on.

Staff Social Events: Natalie Rhodes, Chair, reported that we had a successful week of employee appreciation events. Everyone enjoyed the Cardinal Floats and the Picnic. A few opportunities for the picnic include, perhaps adding a pickle to the boxed lunch, forgo the fruit salad and perhaps have a different fruit option and reassure the signage is appropriate and clear. There has been much talk about hopes for similar events in the future.

Student Success: No report.

Communications:  No report. However, Diann will be reaching out next week to schedule a meeting to discuss an idea for the website.

Staff Relations:  Paula Gregory, Chair, asked through the Weekly Update that everyone on campus wear blue on Wednesday to support LUPD in honor of Police Week. The committee is working on a parking issue in Lot E1, and also on ADA compliance issues regarding bathrooms. Paula also shared a reminder for individuals to send out Kudos to different employees around campus to continue to build morale.

Nominations:  No report.

Bylaws Committee:  No report. However, Diann will be reaching out next week to schedule a meeting to discuss ongoing research regarding the definition of diversity.       

Unfinished Business:


New Business:


Good of the Order:



The next Staff Council meeting will be June 8, 2021 via TEAMS. 

Motion to adjourn – Paula Gregory

Second – Stacie Granger

The meeting was adjourned at 10:38 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mandy Arceneaux

Mandy Arceneaux, Staff Council Secretary