April 13, 2021

Tuesday, 04/13/2021
Submitted By:
Diann Brodnax


The meeting was called to order by Yinka Jenmy, Vice President, at 10:02 a.m.  

Roll was taken by Mandy Arceneaux, Secretary.  A quorum was present.

Members present:  Mandy Arceneaux, Yinka Jenmy, Dimples Jones, Ashley Sheehan, Candice Moore, Charlotte Holliman, Chrissy Jones, Ciera Vaidya, Demi Estrello, Jon-Michael Wallace, JT Robertson,  Julie Walker, Karen Kessinger, Margo Hymer, Natalie Rhodes, Sharlene Hatch, Sharon Sanders,  Stacie Granger, and Stephanie Allen

Committee Reports

Executive Committee:  

  • Staff Council Officers, Yinka and Mandy, met with Dr. Evans and discussed the Employee Appreciation Picnic and the Cardinal Float event. Dr. Evans was in favor of the events and recommended we extend the invite to faculty to create a LU community event and give people a great reason to come together.

Community Service:

  • The committee recommended supporting the Cardinal Pantry and hosting a collection. It was suggested that our respective areas could have a box where all employees in our area can contribute non-perishable items and then the Staff Council member can be responsible for bringing the items to the Cardinal Pantry located at the Wesley Center. This can be a year-round project.

Staff Awards Ceremony:

  • Distinguished Staff Nominations closed yesterday, and it was reported that we have 20 nominations. The scoring committee will receive the nominations today and will select the top five to award. The trophies will be ordered from Beaumont Trophies.
  • There is a luncheon scheduled for Wednesday, April 28th for an invitation only group. The service awards will be available for pick up during the employee picnic on Thursday, April 29th under a tent with visual signage.

Staff Social Events:

  • The Cardinal Floats event is scheduled for Tuesday, April 27th from 2-4pm in front of the Dining Hall. Frosted cups that turn red when filled with liquid have been ordered from a local vender, and vanilla ice cream and red drink has been ordered from Chartwells.
  • The Employee Appreciation Picnic is scheduled for Thursday, April 29th and there will be beach blankets, boxed lunches and snow cones available for all employees. The picnic is scheduled from 11:30-12:30pm in the Quad.

Student Success: No report.

Communications:  No report.

Staff Relations:  No report.

Nominations:  No report.

Bylaws Committee:  No report.

Unfinished Business:  

  • All ideas of gifts for Dr. Evans’ departure can be sent directly to Diann. A breakfast with Dr. Evans and the council members has been suggested, and more ideas are welcome.

New Business:

  •  Police week is May 9-15 and it was recommended to collect ideas of how to honor and recognize LUPD. A lunch and signage were suggested but were reminded that we need to identify a budget before planning those items.

Good of the Order:  None

The next Staff Council meeting will be May 11, 2021 via TEAMS.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:37 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Mandy Arceneaux, Staff Council Secretary