March 2, 2021

Tuesday, 03/02/2021
Submitted By:
Diann Brodnax


The meeting was called to order by Mandy Arceneaux, Secretary, at 10:01 a.m.  

Roll was taken by Diann Brodnax, President.  A quorum was present.

Members present:  Mandy Arceneaux, Yinka Jenmy, Dimples Jones, Diann Brodnax, Stephanie Allen, Hector Flores, Stacie Granger, Paula Gregory, Alicia Hargreaves, Sharlene Hatch, Charlotte Holliman, Margo Hymer, Angie Laudig, Yolanda Monroe, Candice Moore, Jennifer Mutz, Natalie Rhodes, JT Roberson, Sharon Sanders, Ashley Sheehan, Katherine Tristan, Steven Veron, Julie Walker, and Jon-Michael Wallace.

Guest Speaker

Michael Saar, Library

Mr. Saar spoke to the Council asking for our help supporting this year’s LibQual Survey.

This survey is an important decision-making tool.  Data collected will give a sense of how well their services, resources, building, and collections are.  The survey will be sent to faculty, staff, and students.  Once the survey is completed, there is an option to enter a drawing for prizes.  Please remind your represented areas to take a moment and complete the survey.

Committee Reports

Executive Committee:  Staff Council Officers did not meet with the LU Executives in February. 

Community Service:  

  • Reminder: Meals on Wheels Baked Potato Sale is underway until March 8, 2021.  Please make sure to reach out to your represented areas to promote this worthy fundraiser.

Staff Awards Ceremony: No report.

Staff Social Events: No report.

Student Success: No report.

Communications:  No report.

Staff Relations:  No report.

Nominations:  No report.

Bylaws Committee:  No report.

Unfinished Business:                     

  • Council members are asked to sign up for committees.  Mandy will send the Committee Rosters to the Council.  A request was made that committees meet before the April Council meeting.  Each committee needs to assign a Chair, Co-Chair, and Record Keeper.
  • Suggestion Box entries are collected through the Staff Council email account. The email account is being monitored and all Suggestion Box entries will be addressed and distributed to the appropriate recipients.

New Business:

  •  Staff Council is invited to meet with the consulting firm working with Lamar’s Presidential Search. This is a great opportunity for Council members to learn about the process and ask questions.
  • Mandy asked Council members if they would like to start meeting in person if it is possible. Council members expressed an interest.  TEAMS option would need to be included.

Good of the Order:

  • Tammy Henderson, LU Provost Candidate, sent a Thank You note to Staff Council for reaching out to her to answer her questions before the candidate forum.

The next Staff Council meeting will be April 13, 2021 via TEAMS.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:29 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Diann Brodnax, Staff Council President