November 6, 2023

Monday, 11/06/2023
Science and Technology Building room 275
Submitted By:
C Legendre

Research Council Meeting Minutes
November 6, 2023, at 1:00 PM
Science and Technology Bldg, room 275

Atendees: Mamta Singh, Maryam Hamidi, Alyse Jordan, Agim Kukeli, Mathew Hoch, and Jerry Lin

Not in attendance: Amy Smith and Kurt Dyrhaug

Meeting called to order at 1:07 PM, by Jerry Lin

I. Meeting minutes approved by Matthew Hoch and second by Agim Kukeli.

II. ORSPA Update on Lamar Research Status.

a. Institutional reports for research revenues and expenditure will be standardize in FY24.
b. Research revenue of currently active projects - $21.8M for 67 projects.
c. Research conduct policy updates – Conflicts of Interest/Commitment; Financial
Disclosure; Comprehensive Research Policies; IRB.
d. Research compliance training will be gradually rolling out to PIs as needed by the
research compliance officer (Mr. Ryan Lee).

III. Review and discussion on

a. Conflict of commitment policy.
b. Financial conflict of interest policy review and update.
i. During the month of November, the committee will take time to review and
make recommendations for both conflict of commitment and financial conflict
of interest policies. Comments will be collected in December meetings.

IV. Roundtable
a. CoE, CoB, and CoAS discuss Quanta Services faculty summer internship summer.
b. Questions asked regarding A.I. tools and policy in data synthesis for business use.

Next meeting is December 4, 2023, at 1:00 PM

Meeting adjourned at 2:10 PM, by Jerry Lin