Research Council

Charge: The Research Council shall advise the Provost and the Associate Provost for Research and Sponsored Programs (AVP-Research) on matters pertaining to the research programs and activities. The Council shall formulate policies and procedures to enhance the research and scholarly activities of the university. Members of the council shall be elected from and by the full-time faculty and consist of a faculty representative from each of the colleges and the library. The Council shall be chaired by the Associate Provost for Research and Sponsored Programs (AVP-Research).

Membership & Reporting: Faculty Senators/Deans conduct election for faculty members; chaired by AVP-Research; charge to Committee given by AVP-Research; recommendations from Committee presented to Provost. Department Chairs are ineligible to serve in the capacity of faculty.

Committee Members

Jerry Lin (Assoc. Provost, Research & Sponsored Programs), Chair Ex Officio
Serdar Ilban (Fine Arts & Communication) FALL 2024-SUM 2027
Yan Yan (Education & Human Development) FALL 2024-SUM 2027
Amy Smith (Arts & Sciences - Liberal Arts) FALL 2023-SUM 2026
Maryam Hamidi (Engineering) FALL 2022-SUM 2025
Matt Hoch (Arts & Sciences - Sciences) FALL 2022-SUM 2025
Alyse Jordan (Library) FALL 2022-SUM 2025
Agim Kukeli (Business) FALL 2022-SUM 2025