May 1, 2023

Monday, 05/01/2023
Science and Technology Building room 275
Submitted By:
C Legendre

Research Council Lunch Meeting Minutes
May 1, 2023, at 12:00 PM
Science and Technology Building room 275

Attendees: Jerry Lin, Agim Kukeli, Maryam Hamidi, Alyse Jordan, Amy Smith, Mamta Singh, Kurt
Dyrhaug, and Matthew Hoch.

Meeting called to order at 1:24 PM by Dr. Jerry Lin

I. Review and approval on April 2023 meeting minutes
a. Motion to accept April 2023 minutes by Amy Smith
b. Seconded by Matthew Hoch and Agim Kukeli

II. Synthesis of research council recommendations on faculty time & effort contribution

a. Range of Research percentage or the process of determining Research percentage.

i. Activities covered by the specified Research percentages.
ii. Prepare for faculty payments prior to submission.
iii. Reporting teaching, research, and service percentage load.
iv. Provide recommendations to questions

b. Metrics/Rubrics of evaluation.

i. Dimensions and Top Level of Accomplishments.

c. What constitutes to Approve course release (research & non-research related)?

i. What should be the “adequate” and fair procedure (Approval level)?

III. Roundtable

Next meeting is June 5, at 1:00 PM

Meeting Adjourn at 2:15 PM