March 6, 2023

Monday, 03/06/2023
Science and Technology Building room 275
Submitted By:
C Legendre

Research Council Meeting Minutes
March 6, 2023, at 1:00 PM
Science and Technology Bldg Rm 275

Attendees: Jerry Lin, Alyse Jordan, Kurt Dyrhaug, Matthew Hoch, Maryam Hamidi, Amy Smith, Mamta
Singh, and Agim Kukeli

Meeting called to order at 1:01pm by Dr. Jerry Lin

Meeting minutes approved by: Kurt Dyrhaug, Alyse Jordan, and Mamta Singh

I. FY22 report on external grant performance and recommendations
a. The annual external grant performance is one of LU’s performance metrics submitted to
the system office.
b. Research Council is encouraged to provide additional recommendations for future reports

II. Initiatives on research integrity
a. A national initiative from DHHS regarding research integrity
b. A culture building process on academic campuses
c. Three layers of operation: (1) Compliance; (2) Avoidance of detrimental research
practices, (3) Research policies
d. Research integrity promotes innovation and best research practices

III. Discussion on faculty time & effort (T&E) contribution
a. Please review the National Faculty Productivity and Cost Study report.
b. Research T&E questions :

i. Clear definition on research T&E? No
ii. Expectation for allocated research T&E? Yes
iii. Associated course release policy? Varied

IV. Roundtable
a. Cayuse fund manager module to be transition to Banner Grant Service Module
b. Conflict of interest module to be added in FY24

Next meeting is April 3, at 1:00 PM

Meeting Adjourn at 2:17 PM