February 6, 2023

Monday, 02/06/2023
Science and Technology Building room 275
Submitted By:
C Legendre

Research Council Meeting Minutes
February 6, 2023, at 12:45 PM
Science and Technology Bldg Rm 275

Attendees: Jerry Lin, Alyse Jordan, Kurt Dyrhaug, Matthew Hoch, Maryam Hamidi, Amy Smith, and
Mamta Singh

Not in attendance: Agim Kukeli

Special Guest: Dr. Cristian Bahrim


Meeting called to order by Jerry Lin at 12:50 pm

Meeting minutes approved by Matthew Hoch and second by Amy Smith

I. Briefing from OUR Director Dr. Bahrim for selecting UG researcher to participate in the
Undergraduate Research Day in the Capitol on April 11, 2023
a. This is the fifth nomination to Texas Undergraduate Research Day
b. OUR Advisory Council nominee student researchers and using Formstack. Nine students
were nominated and the rating was given by the OUR Advisory Council. Mr. David
Matherne was selected as LU student representative.
c. The participating undergraduate student representatives will present their research to state
d. OUR. Resource packet provided to LU Research Council
e. NSF REU/RUI grants will be in preparation.

II. Reorganization of ORSPA and extended grant management services
a. In January 2023, ORSPA filled a full-time professional position, Director of Sponsored
Grant Management, to support principal investigators in the areas of project finance and
b. The Research Council members were requested to assist in informing LU research
community regarding this new service.

III. Discussion on faculty time & effort contribution
a. The Research Council was requested to express opinions regarding accounting the time &
effort contribution of faculty.
b. The discussion is ongoing process with an objective to provide recommendations to
academic affairs for future policy making in this area.
c. Having a well-defined standard for accounting for faculty’s instruction load helps
determine the available time & effort for research hand service activities.

IV. Roundtable
a. The Research Council members were encouraged to review Lamar University Faculty
Handbook Section 36 (Faculty Obligations and Workloads) and the Delaware Study for
Instructional Workload in preparation for future discussion of time & effort contribution.

Next meeting is March 6, at 1:00 PM

Meeting Adjourn at 1:55 PM