December 15, 2016

Thursday, 12/15/2016
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Lynlie Jones


December 15, 2016

Special Email Session


The Graduate Council meeting was conducted via email this month as a special session on December 15, 2016.


College of Education

A Proposal and course additions for a New Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the College of Education Teacher Education Department were submitted to the Graduate Council via email communication on December 15, 2016 for review.  The course additions submitted to the Graduate Council were PEDG 5346, PEDG 5347, PEDG 5348, PEDG 5349, PEDG 5377, PEDG 5378, PEDG 5392, PEDG 5393, PEDG 5394.  The New Degree proposal and course additions were approved by the Council via email vote on December 16, 2016.


Department of Teacher Education, Master of Education Curriculum and Instruction Degree Plan:

Core Courses:


*PEDG 5392 (Foundations in Curriculum Theory

EDLD 5302 Concepts of Educational Technology

PEDG 5310 Research Methods

PEDG 5367 Diversity/Multiculturalism


Concentration: Generalist


EDLD 5313 Creating Significant Learning Environments

PEDG 5372 Using Assessment Data to Guide Instructional Decisions

PEDG 5374 Differentiated Instruction

PEDG 5393 Instructional Coaching

PEDG 5394 Trends and Issues in Curriculum and Instruction

PEDG 5378 Synthesis in Curriculum and Instruction


Concentration: Master Reading Teacher


PEDG 5346 Foundations in Literacy Development

PEDG 5347 Literacy Instruction and Assessment

PEDG 5348 Reading for Diverse Learners

PEDG 5349 Roles and Responsibility of the Professional Reading Educator

PEDG 5377 Practicum in Effective Literacy

PEDG 5378 Synthesis in Curriculum and Instruction


*First Course and successful completion is prerequisite for all other courses.