October 8, 2015

Thursday, 10/08/2015
Education Building, Rm. 101
Submitted By:
Megan Hale

Present: Robert Spina, William Holmes, Larry Allen, Gayle Butaud, Cindy Cummings,   Lula Henry, Paula Hussey, Joana Hyatt, Ted Mahavier, Karyn Neuhauser, Connie Ruiz,  Jim Sanderson, Marleen Swerdlow, Margaret Swope, Michael Wallace, Norma Zarzosa


Dr. Bill Holmes, Associate Dean of the College of Education and Human Development, thanked those in attendance for being present. 


Dean’s Comments.  Dr. Robert Spina introduced himself to those in attendance and thanked them for serving on the Educator Preparation Council and reminded them how important it is that we meet regularly. He also mentioned that he is available to meet with any members of the EPC who would like to meet with him personally to discuss any issues/concerns they might have.


Admission Requirements.  Dr. Holmes mentioned that admission requirements for the EPP have been revised lately.  He noted that students must now have their English and Math courses completed prior to being enrolled in PEDG 2310. He also stated that students will no longer be allowed to enroll themselves in PEDG 2310 (this will now be done by the Coordinator of Admissions-Megan Hale).


Report from Dr. Lula Henry, Alternative Certification Program

Dr. Henry stated that program numbers are down. There are approximately 175 active students in the program. Dr. Henry mentioned that the program has 13 interns and 2-3 clinical teachers placed this semester in various regions of the state. Dr. Henry also mentioned that the state test has changed in that students are only allowed to take the test five (5) times. If the test is not passed on the fifth try, students can appeal to take the test one more time.  Dr. Henry stated that due to this new rule, it is crucial that review sessions be available to students for their content areas in order to help them pass. 


Report from the Office of Field Experience.  Paula Hussey stated they have placed 61 clinical teachers in 14 districts on 30 different campuses for the fall semester and expect the numbers for spring to be the about the same.  


Update from Director of Assessment. (Handout) Dr. Wallace distributed a handout detailing the various reports due to the state in regard to accountability and accreditation. Dr. Wallace mentioned that preparations for the fall 2019 CAEP review are underway, most notably, SPA reports which must be submitted 3 years prior to the national report.


Update on EDLD Program.  Dr. Cummings stated that enrollment is steady.  Dr. Cummings stated the new Master’s in Digital Learning program, which is a partnership between Microsoft and Lamar University, is doing very well.  Dr. Cummings stated that Lamar University is looking to partner with several other companies in the near future to offer similar programs.


School Counseling Program.  Dr. Holmes shared that the counseling program continues to thrive and is now the largest online counseling program in the nation.    


Potential Master’s Program with Initial Certification.  Dr. Lula Henry mentioned that the college has been meeting with local Superintendents in regard to the need for qualified individuals to teach duel credit courses.  The college is looking at developing a Master’s program which will enable individuals to obtain their master’s degree while also making them eligible to teach duel credit courses in the public schools. 


Dr. Spina mentioned that this issue was brought to his attention when meeting with local school superintendents and is an area that will allow the College of Education to work with the local school districts to meet a need that is currently being underserved.



Meeting was adjourned.



Megan Hale (Staff)