April 2, 2015

Thursday, 04/02/2015
Rm. 101, Educ. Bldg
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April 2, 2015

Present: William Holmes, Nancy Adams, Mihae Bae, Stacey Bumstead, Gayle Butaud, Cindy Cummings, Mary Gentry, Lula Henry, Belinda Lopez, Vicki Marshall, Rose Matthis, Jim Sanderson, Eric Shannon, Marleen Swerdlow, Michael Wallace, Jim Westgate, MaryE Wilkinson, Norma Zarzosa,

Dr. Bill Holmes, Interim Dean of the College of Education and Human Development, thanked those in attendance for being present. Dr. Holmes introduced Dr. Nancy Adams as the Interim Department Chair for the Department of Teacher Education. Dr. Holmes also mentioned that the college has selected a new Dean, Dr. Robert Spina, who will begin his new position on July 1, 2015.

NCATE - Dr. Holmes stated that the focused visit conducted December 7-9, 2014 went well. Although the final approved report from the BOE is not ready yet, preliminary findings showed there were no AFI’s and that the examiners were happy with the progress being made in the graduate programs in regard to meeting Standard II.

Report from Dr. Lula Henry, Alternative Certification Program
Dr. Henry stated that the program is looking healthy but there is still a need for more students. Dr. Henry mentioned that the program has 21 interns and 2-3 clinical teachers placed this semester in various regions of the state.

Report from the Office of Field Experience. Dr. Butaud stated they have placed 61 clinical teachers in 15 districts on 31 different campuses. Dr. Butaud also stated there will be a job fair in April for those interested in attending.

Update from Director of Assessment. (Handout) Dr. Wallace distributed a handout showing detailed information for the college during academic year 2013-2014. The handout focuses on Enrollment by Program and how candidates in the program are performing on certification exams. The handout also gives detailed information on how many students the program is producing in each certification area.

Update on EDLD Program. Dr. Cummings stated that enrollment is steady with approximately 1962 students enrolled in the Master’s programs. Currently there are 1188 students in Educational Administration, 207 in Educational Technology, 495 in Principal Certification, and 72 Superintendent Certification. Dr. Cummings also mentioned the new Master’s in Digital Learning program which is a partnership between Microsoft and Lamar University. Lamar University has an exclusive three (3) year contract with Microsoft. Dr. Cummings stated there is potential for Lamar University to partner with several other companies in the near future to offer similar programs.

School Counseling Program. Dr. Belinda Lopez shared that the counseling program continues to thrive. The department is currently in the process of applying for CACREP (Counsel for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs) accreditation. Dr. Lopez also mentioned that in fall of 2015, the school counseling program will be moving from a 36 hour program to a 48 hour program. Students in the counseling program continue to have a high pass rate on the state exam for counseling certification.

Potential Master’s Program with Initial Certification. Dr. Lula Henry stated that they are looking at bringing back the Master’s in Elementary and Secondary Education with Initial Certification. She stated that other universities offer the program and are seeing high numbers of students enrolled in those programs. The program at Lamar University would entail 36 credit hours and the PACT test would be used in place of the GRE requirement for students to be admitted to the program. Discussions are still ongoing as to whether the program will be offered face-to-face, online, or possibly as a hybrid.

Other. Dr. MaryE Wilkinson stated that it would be helpful to have paper copies of the new degree plans available in the Math Department. Dr. Holmes asked Dr. Henry to please assist with this request.

Meeting was adjourned.

Megan Hale (Staff)