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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Faculty Issues Committee of Faculty Senate

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Committee met in Maes Hall Room 65 at 3.00 pm.

Dr. Jim Mann, Committee Chair, called the meeting to order

Attending: Arts and Sciences: Nancy Blume, Catalina Castillion, Joe Kruger, Ted Mahavier, Jim Mann,Business: Tommy Thompson Education and Human Development: Doug Boatwright,Engineering: Alberto Marquez, Fine Arts and Communication: Xenia Fedorchenko Library: Karen Nichols

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

Committee Chair Announcements:

A. Discussion about reviewing and approving the minutes via email in order to post them on the Faculty Senate website in a timely manner. It was decided to conduct a trial run with this month’s minutes.

Old Business:

a. The Graduate Council has put the G-15a and G-15b revision on their April meeting’s agenda.

b. Transfer of the Construction Management degree program from Engineering to Business:

i) Jim Mann met with Dr. Doblin and later with the Management & Marketing Department faculty and the Business Dean to discuss their concerns. Jeremy Sheldon, Faculty Senate President, and Dr. Venta , Business College Dean, also attended the M & M Department meeting. At the department meeting, the Dean agreed to propose to Dr. Doblin that the Construction Management degree be established as a separate program within the Business College.

ii) Concerns about accreditation conflicts were raised, but were effectively resolved by the Dean.

iii) No further action is required until Fall 2012 when the Construction Management program is formally transferred.

c. Prerequisite Overrides:

i) Ted Mahavier reported on the progress of the Math Department’s pilot project to restrict overrides. Banner will no longer allow students to be placed into calculus if not qualified.

ii) Advising worksheets have been developed to incorporate Math Readiness Scores to aid in placing students in the most appropriate level math course.

d. Academic Integrity:

Members of the Academic Integrity subcommittee reported that the Student Government Association was exploring their role in adjudicating instances of cheating. It was decided to defer this matter until Fall in order to examine how the SGA will respond to this issue.

New Business:

No new business was presented.

Adjournment at 4:00 pm


Submitted by

Jim Mann, Chairperson

February 8, 2012

Academic Issues Committee of Faculty Senate

February 8, 2012

The Committee met in Maes Hall Room 65 at 3.00 pm.

Dr. James Mann, Committee Chair, called the meeting to order

Attending: Arts and Sciences: Nancy Blume, Catalina Castillion, Joe Kruger, Ted Mahavier, James Mann, Christopher Martin, Joanne Lindoerfer Business: Tommy Thompson Education and Human Development: Doug Boatwright, Cristina Rios Engineering: Alberto Marquez, Fine Arts and Communication: Xenia Fedorchenko Library: Karen Nichols College Readiness:

There were no previous minutes for approval.

Committee Chair Announcements:

A. Faculty Senate now has a webpage online which is not currently linked to the Lamar website. There will be opportunity to post committee minutes at the website.

B. Discussion about what preempted the linking to the Lamar website.

Old Business:

a. Overrides on Pre Requisites: these should not be done by Departments. There may be more occurrences than previously thought. Discussion about the problem and its effects followed.

  • (information added to this topic from committee member later in meeting) The problem occurs in Mathematics regularly with 52% of pre req. overrides occurring externally from other departments. Engineering has a specialist who works with Math to assure accuracy with that College. A pilot study has been proposed by Math to implement a “no override” strategy through the Banner system. Reporting on results will occur later.

b. Banner: continues to be problematic

c. G-Forms: G-15 will change. There will be a separation of the two actions pertaining to this form. Two new forms were created. Final Forms will be sent to Committee chair for approval and distribution.

New Business:

a. “I will” Admissions: (handout to committee) Discussion about what this means.

  • Admission standards and how admissions have changed for at risk students. Exceptions were discussed. The notion of the contract to either support enrollment or discourage it were noted. Failing students and how students were counted in funding mechanisms was also discussed. It was noted that social/personal responsibility was a part of the “I will” context. The LAMR 1101 class was discussed as helpful to the contract. A question was raised about the advising requirement 2x per year as it might overwhelm current resources? This contract might actually increase the number of marginal students. Outcomes for THEA also discussed in the context of developmental courses. One strength of “I will” contract is the ability to monitor students and may even help to expedite some students who continue to stay in the system an inordinately long time. Questioning about where “I will” contract originated and notification about the new policy was very quick? Another question raised asked if the courses in contract were developmental courses or regular college credit courses?

  • Motion by Dr. Mahavier: to table discussion and designate Committee Chair to find out where the “I will’ contract was originated. Motion was seconded by Dr. Kruger and passed with unanimous consent.

b. Academic Honesty: Problem seems to be there is no centralized place/policy to monitor cheating and policies seem lax. There appears to be many occurrences that go unreported (many discussed among the committee).

  • Motion by Dr. Mahavier: Committee Chair to create subcommittee that will visit with Dr. Doblin about this very important and acute issue of academic dishonesty. The motion was seconded by Dr. Rios and passed unanimously. Volunteers solicited for the subcommittee are: Catalina Castillion, Christopher Martin, Joanne Lindoerfer, Karen Nichols and Cristina Rios.

There was additional discussion about several Department’s academic honesty policies, plagiarism in conjunction with dishonesty. “Safe Assign” and “Turn IT IN” were mentioned as notification formats. Concern is great among committee members about the absence of a University wide or centralized policy on academic honesty.

c. Safety Issues and room capacity: A brief discussion about how often room capacity is violated and implications for safety hazard.

Adjournment at 4:00 pm

New Sub-committee will meet.


Submitted by

Nancy Blume , Volunteer recorder