Cristina Ríos, Ph.D.

Dr. Cristina Ríos is an expert on comparative educational policies that impact student learning in multicultural and bilingual settings. Her research on accreditation and assessment of student learning has been welcomed by education systems worldwide. She has conducted research in Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Australia and Mexico. 

Dr. Ríos is committed to education and social justice, and to preparing highly effective teachers and educational researchers able to address current K - 12 challenges. Advancing the scholarship in multicultural and bilingual education and improving policies and pedagogical practices in urban schools have been central to the activities that she has undertaken. Dr. Ríos understands the importance of educators’ preparation, as she has taught at every level, from pre-school through doctoral seminars.

Dr. Ríos holds a Ph.D. in education and a Master of Arts in Education from Claremont Graduate University, in Claremont, Calif.; and another Master of Education degree from Framingham State College, in Framingham, Mass. Dr. Ríos completed post-doctoral studies at Bryn Mawr College, in Philadelphia.