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Dinners in the Fall

October 22, October 29 and November 5

Join us for one or all three dinners as we enjoy delicious meals prepared for you by our Hospitality Administration students! There are limited seats available, so don't wait! 

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Degrees and Certifications

The skills and knowledge you acquire can be applied throughout life and in a variety of different industries. We offer undergraduate degrees and certifications in these areas: 

A degree from the department of Family and Consumer Sciences offers you opportunities to:

  • Enhance the lives of children, youth, families & communities
  • Improve the social, emotional, & physical health of children & families
  • Experience life-long learning
  • Develop research leadership & other professional skills
  • Engage with a diverse student body

Looking for a Graduate Degree or Internship?

We have a graduate degree in Family and Consumer Sciences and a Dietetics Internship.  If you are passionate about helping other people to thrive, you will find exceptional fulfillment in a career that evolves from your FCS degree programs.

Texas High School Students
Find a Degree Path by Endorsement

Choosing an endorsement in high school can help set your career path early with specialization in the subject you find most interesting. Your endorsement choice can also lead you to the perfect major in college!

For example, if you completed a Public Service endorsement in high school, you may be interested in pursuing your Bachelor’s Degree in Family Studies. We’ve sorted all of our Family and Consumer Sciences majors to help you find the right degree path by endorsement.

Business & Industry Endorsement

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Endorsement