Family and Consumer Sciences

Students, we care. We are here to support you!   

Dinners in the Fall

Students will once again produce and serve their annual 4-course "Dinners in the Fall." Dinners are scheduled for Monday evenings on October 16, October 23, October 30, and November 6. Join us! Seating is limited, so make reservations now!

 LIFE Knowledge Lives Here!

All of our programs are evidence-based.  The skills and knowledge students acquire can be applied throughout life and in a variety of different industries. We offer undergraduate degrees in these areas: 

  • Dietetics 
  • Foods & Nutrition
  • Family Studies
  • FCS - General
  • FCS - Teacher Certification
  • Fashion Retailing & Merchandising
  • Hospitality Administration 

We have a graduate degree in Family and Consumer Sciences and a Dietetics Internship.  If you are passionate about helping other people to thrive, you will find exceptional fulfillment in a career that evolves from your FCS degree programs. By joining a professional organization, you have the opportunity to build your resume and show that you are dedicated to staying connected in your profession.

Students are offered an opportunity to:

* Enhance the lives of children, youth, families & communities

* Improve the social, emotional, & physical health of children & families

* Experience life-long learning

* Develop research leadership & other professional skills

* Engage with a diverse student body