Family and Consumer Sciences

Students, we care. We are here to support you!   

 LIFE Knowledge Lives Here!

All of our programs are evidence-based.  The skills and knowledge students acquire can be applied throughout life and in a variety of different industries. We offer undergraduate degrees in these areas: 

  • Dietetics 
  • Foods & Nutrition
  • Family Studies
  • FCS - General
  • FCS - Teacher Certification
  • Fashion Retailing & Merchandising
  • Hospitality Administration 

We have a graduate degree in Family and Consumer Sciences and a Dietetics Internship.  If you are passionate about helping other people to thrive, you will find exceptional fulfillment in a career that evolves from your FCS degree programs. By joining a professional organization, you have the opportunity to build your resume and show that you are dedicated to staying connected in your profession.

Students are offered an opportunity to:

* Enhance the lives of children, youth, families & communities

* Improve the social, emotional, & physical health of children & families

* Experience life-long learning

* Develop research leadership & other professional skills

* Engage with a diverse student body