Faculty Advising and Mentorship

Our program assigns you a faculty professional advisor to help you understand some of the long-term components of your program and professional development. The faculty professional advisor focuses on your professional identity as a graduate student and as a professional in the field.

You will meet the core faculty who serve as faculty professional advisors in your first course Week 4. After that point, each faculty advisor conducts regular meetings at least once each semester (Fall and Spring).

The role of the faculty professional advising is different than the role the student services graduate advisor. Faculty advisors do not address scheduling, payment, holds or course add/drops. You should contact the Student Services/Graduate Advising department for these needs at luacademic@lamar.edu.

Questions appropriate to your faculty advisor would be about how to plan for residency, what you need to be prepared for the field experience, or what current professional conferences might be of interest.

Faculty professional advisors are assigned to you by your last initial.

M.Ed. Counseling and Development - Faculty Advisors

M.Ed. Counseling and Development – School Counseling (online program)

A - C    Dr. Robert Carlisle

D - G    Dr. Anna Nguyen 

H - L     Dr. Kimberly McGough

M - P    Dr. Robika Mylroie

Q - T    Dr. Patricia Harris 

U - Z    Dr. Tim Brown 

M.Ed. Counseling and Development – Marriage, Couples and Family Counseling (online program)

A - F    Dr. Mehmet Akkurt

G - M    Dr. Brande Flamez 

N - S    Dr. Wendy Greenidge

T - Z     Dr. Shannon McFarlin (Williams)

M.Ed. Clinical Mental Health Counseling - Faculty Advisors

M.Ed. Clinical Mental Health Counseling – online program

A - F    Dr. Mehmet Akkurt

G - M    Dr. Brande Flamez 

N - S    Dr. Wendy Greenidge

T - Z     Dr. Shannon McFarlin (Williams)

Week six advising window: Monday, September 26 - Friday, September 30

Week twelve advising window: Monday, November 7 - Friday, November 11