Chemical Engineering 2011-2012

Department of Chemical Engineering

Location: 101 Lucas Building, Phone: 409.880.8784

Chair: Thomas Ho

Chemical engineering is the profession in which a knowledge of mathematics, chemistry and other natural sciences gained by study, experience and practice is applied with judgment to develop economic ways of using materials and energy for the benefit of mankind. The chemical engineer enters into almost every modern industry. From petroleum to synthetic rubber, from semiconductor to medicines, the chemical engineer engages in design, research, development, production, sales and management. Among the fields in which the chemical engineer is of prime importance are petroleum, petrochemicals, metals, plastics, paints, drugs and foods, paper, glass, dyes, synthetic fibers and a host of others. The Department of Chemical Engineering will permit transfer of up to 66 semester hours from a junior college or a community college, if appropriate courses were taken at the junior (community) college level. The appropriate list of courses for a particular college can be made available upon request.


The Chemical Engineering Department will provide the program, environment, facilities, faculty, and staff to prepare and educate each student to be a leader/problem-solver for industry, academia, or government.

Educational Objectives

The following broad statements describe what the Department’s undergraduate chemical engineering graduates are fully expected to attain a few years after graduation.

  1. Successfully pursue a chemical engineering career in traditional and non-traditional industries and/or pursue an advanced degree 
  2. Engage in lifelong learning and advance the practice of chemical engineering in a socially, environmentally, and ethically responsible manner 
  3. Advance professionally with increasing leadership and responsibility beyond entry level

The department recognizes that students, faculty, alumni, and employers of graduates have a stake in the success of its program. These constituencies play a role in determining the mission and objectives of the department, and they will play a role in determining how well these objectives are being met.

Degrees Offered

Chemical Engineering Degree Plan


Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering -136 hrs


Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering, Master of Engineering, Master of Engineering Science: Complete information on these degrees may be found in the entry for the College of Engineering.