Criminal Justice Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Science

Online On Campus    Online Online

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is offered on campus or online and will be awarded upon completion of the following requirements:

A.  General Requirements:

See core curriculum of the Lamar University General Catalog
Math requirement: MATH 1314 plus a statistics course.

B. Criminal Justice Core – 36 semester hours including:

  1. 18 semester hours required: CRIJ 1301, CRIJ 1306, CRIJ 2313, CRIJ 2328, CRIJ 4321, and CRIJ 4311.
  2. Criminal Justice Electives (3 semester hours – any level)
  3. Advanced Criminal Justice Electives (12 semester hours)

C. Social/Behavioral Science Cognate Courses – 6 semester hours

Selected from ANTH, SOCI or SOWK.

D. Research and Analysis Courses – 9 semester hours

  1. Research Methods: PSYC 3420, SOCI 4380 or SOWK 4380
  2. Criminology Elective: SOCI 3380 or CRIJ 3311
  3. Computer Science: COSC 1371

E. Criminal Justice Field Experience (3 semester hours): CRIJ 4340.

If student has prior criminal justice field experience, the faculty advisor may substitute an additional CRIJ approved elective.

F. Minor or Approved Electives – 18 semester hours, 12 of which must be advanced.

G. Electives – Sufficient electives to complete the 120 hour degree requirement.

H. Completion of 45 semester hours of 3000 and 4000 level courses.

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Online On-Campus

The Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice is offered on-campus and will be awarded upon completion of the following requirements:

A. General Requirements:

Meet the University's core curriculum requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree, which are described in the University Catalog, and satisfy all departmental requirements.

B. Departmental Requirements:

Criminal Justice Core, Social Science Cognates and Research/Analysis requirements are the same as those listed for the bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.

C. Modern language: 12 hours

D. Minor/Advanced – at least 18 hours

E. Completion of 42 upper level semester hours.

Want to Minor in Criminal Justice?

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Total of 18 hours required for the minor.


Required Courses:

CRIJ 1301, CRIJ 1306
one of the following courses:
CRIJ 1310, CRIJ 2313, CRIJ 2328
PLUS any three (3) upper division CRIJ courses