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Policy Debate

Public policy can be a very confusing and misunderstood subject, even for those who create and carry out public policy on a daily basis. We strive to help everyone, from the local elected representative and average citizen to national public officials and bureaucrat, better understand the world around us through rigorous scientific study.

Government 101

The center provides public education on public policy through the Government 101 section of this website. Educational videos produced by PBS provide a basic understanding of government and how government functions with the purpose of correcting misunderstandings that can arise from a 24-hour news cycle.

The center provides local, state and federal government as well as local nonprofit, healthcare and industry with the research tools to better understand the challenges we face so that we can form solutions that serve the community, region, state and nation.
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Welcome to the Center for Public Policy Study. It is my sincere hope that the knowledge shared through this web site helps to better your understanding of the world around us to enable a resilient community.
Brian D. Williams

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