Lamar University is fortunate to have generous alumni and friends who have expressed their commitment to our students through the establishment of scholarships.  The following scholarships are a reflection of that generosity:

Marilyn and Gilbert Adams, Jr. Scholarship Deborah Lynn Adams Memorial Scholarship in Women's Golf
Mrs. Gilbert T. Adams, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Gilbert T. Adams Sr., Presidential Scholarship
John Aiena/PDG Chemical, Inc. Endowed Scholarship Charles V. and Frances W. Alberto Scholarship
Mike and Pat Aldredge Athletic Scholarship Mike and Pat Aldredge Mirabeau Scholarship
Patricia & Michael E. Aldredge Presidential Scholarship Zeila Alexander Memorial Scholarship in Art
Joshua Allen Scholarship in Criminal Justice Bruce Allred Memorial Scholarship in Entrepreneurial Studies
American Real Estate Endowed Scholarship Jerry L. Amos Endowed Scholarship in Marketing
Eve Anderson Memorial CASA Scholarship Virginia Anderson Presidential Scholarship in Family & Consumer Sciences
Frank Belmont Anselin Memorial Scholarship Aran and Franklin Engineering, Inc. Scholarship
O. B. and Della Archer Memorial Scholarship Gene and Elizabeth Arnold Innovation Fund in Audiology
Gene and Elizabeth Arnold Innovation Fund in Business Associated General Contractors of Jefferson County Scholarship
Athletic Trainers Scholarship Frank and Mary Axtell Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering

Joseph Adam Baj II Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics Diane Baker Scholarship in Music
Dr. Harold T. Baker Endowed Scholarship in Chemistry Band Scholarship Fund
Bankers' Financial Education Scholarship in Finance Stella B. and John O. Banks Memorial Scholarship In Music
BASF Scholarship in Chemical Engineering Benny Jo Monlezun Bates Endowed Scholarship in Dance
Gordon Baxter Scholarship Jack Baxter Tire Company Endowed Scholarship
Cynthia Kay Womack Bayliss Memorial Scholarship Dr. Luther A. Beale Memorial Scholarship in Civil Engineering
Amie Lynn Bean Memorial Scholarship Dr. Wendell Bean Scholarship in Electrical Engineering
Lisa Renee Ligda Beaulieu Memorial Scholarship in Criminal Justice Beaumont Music Commission Scholarship in Music
Beaumont Music Commission Scholarship in Honor of Charlene Kiker David J. Beck Scholarship in Political Science
David J. Beck Fellowship Dr. Myrtle L. Bell Award in Psychology
Mary Katherine Bell Memorial Scholarship in Education Mary Katherine Bell Regents Scholarship in Mathematics
Bernice and Harry Bell Memorial Scholarship Claudia N. Bellah Scholarship
Milton Bell/Babe Didrikson Zaharias Scholarship in Women's Athletics Charlsie E. Berly Endowed Scholarship in English
Charlsie E. Berly Endowed Scholarship in History David Bernsen Endowed Scholarship in Civil Engineering
Better Business Bureau of Southeast Texas Scholarship Jack & Bertha Binks Endowed Scholarship
William M. Birdwell, Jr. and Sr. Endowed Scholarship in Environmental Studies E. B. Blackburn Scholarship Fund
Maxine H. Blankfield Endowed Scholarship Jewel Dillinger Blanton Memorial Endowment in Communication
Lou Bodell Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Golf Rodney K. Bogan Memorial Scholarship in Civil Engineering
Alicia Christine Bonura Memorial Scholarship in Engineering Margaret Bonura Memorial and Gerard Bonura Scholarship in Nursing
Lawrence Bonura Memorial Scholarship in Industrial Engineering Cynthia Booker West Memorial Scholarship in Art
Merle Merritt Booker Scholarship in Art Dr. David L. Bost, Sr. Endowed Scholarship in Guidance and Counseling
Donald T. Boumans Memorial Scholarship W. W. & Hilma R. Breazeale Scholarship
Daniel J. “Danny” Bromley III Memorial Scholarship in Basketball Ralph and Ruth Brookner Scholarship in Math
Jack Brooks Scholarship in Government and Public Services Edna Brooks Memorial Scholarship in Music
Sister Rita Estelle Broussard Endowed Scholarship in Music Ashley Brown Memorial Scholarship in Soccer
Otto Brown Memorial Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering Browne-Goodwin Memorial Scholarship in Biology, Chemistry or Physics
Juanita Brownlee Memorial Scholarship for Mathematics Teachers Dr. Melvin F. Brust Scholarship in Accounting
Gerald “Buck” Buchanan Memorial Scholarship W. J. & Lela Budwine Charitable Foundation Scholarship
Scot Burmeister Memorial Scholarship Michael L. Burrow Regents Scholarship in Engineering
John P. and Josie Busbee Memorial Scholarship Coach H. A. Butler Presidential Scholarship
Jackie Wayne Byrd Memorial Scholarship

Myra Keen Caldwell and Herbert Kimbell Caldwell Scholarship Capital One Presidential Scholarship
Cardinal Club Endowed Scholarship in Athletics David Kyle Carlin Memorial Scholarship in Theatre
Mr. Robert Carlin Scholarship in Engineering Dr. Joseph Carlucci Endowed Scholarship in Music
Catherine Hurley Clark Scholarship in Nursing R. Tom Caughlin Presidential Scholarship
Shirley Ceasar - J. C. Hughes, Sr. Scholarship in Communications

Chapman Vending Annual Funded Scholarship

Chartwell's Scholarship in Dietetics

Chartwell's Scholarship in Hospitality Administration
Chartwell's Scholarship in Marketing Dr. Tamerla Chavis Distinguished Alumni Presidential Scholarship in Engineering
Lloyd Cherry Memorial Fund in Engineering R. B. & Earline Christ Family Presidential Scholarship
Rolfe Christopher Memorial Scholarship Dr. Hsing-wei Chu, Piper Professor, Scholarship in Industrial Engineering
Sandra French Clark Scholarship in Choral Music Dr. John Henrik Clarke Memorial Scholarship
Class of 1956 Scholarship Class of 1957 Scholarship
Class of 1958 Scholarship Henry Clifton Memorial Scholarship
Marie Concetta Cloninger Presidential Scholarship in Theatre Ann Locke Cobb and Charles David Locke Regents Scholarship in Business
Jimmie P. Cokinos Endowed Scholarship for Equality in Education Dr. Alan and Julie Coleman Scholarship
Roy L. Comeaux Memorial Golf Scholarship CommunityBank of Texas, N.A. Scholarship
C. W. Conn, Sr. Memorial Scholarship in Business Yolanda Lee Conyers NSBE Award
Bernie & Michael Cook Presidential Scholarship in Business Professor James L. Cooke Memorial Scholarship in Electrical Engineering
Daniel Copp Endowed Scholarship in Women’s Golf Dr. Rex L. Cottle Scholarship in Leadership
George Cowart Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Economics Katrinka Crawford Memorial Scholarship in Women's Volleyball
Crawford/Lewis Scholarship in Computer Science Sterling C. Crim Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics
Todd Cross Memorial Scholarship James W. Crouch, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Anna England Crow Memorial Scholarship in Nursing Professor Floyd Crum Scholarship
Scott Curtis Memorial Scholarship in Athletics Curtiss-Wright Corporation/William B. Mitchell Scholarship in Engineering

Terry Lynn Daniels Memorial Scholarship Tejas Chapter of The Daughters of the Republic of Texas Scholarship in History
Lorene David Scholarship in Art Dr. Jane S. Davidson Endowed Scholarship in Family and Consumer Sciences
Michael T. Davis Presidential Scholarship Otho L. Davis Memorial Scholarship in Athletic Training
Roy N. and Leona Stiborik Davis Scholarship Dr. Irving O. Dawson Scholarship in Political Science
Ruth E. and Frederic F. Day Scholarship in the Sciences Del Papa Distributing Company College Endowment
Vivian Belt Denby Memorial Scholarship in Nursing Homer Dennis Memorial Scholarship in Math
George A. Dishman Sr. Presidential Scholarship Lamar University Distinguished Alumni Presidential Scholarship
Dr. Opal P. Dixon Memorial Scholarship in Education Dr. Stephen and Suzye Doblin Scholarship in Mathematics and Science
Lucille Platt Dollinger Memorial Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Domaschk and Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Wheat Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Joseph F. Domino Regents Scholarship in Electrical Engineering Phillip and Karen Drayer Scholarship in Engineering
Dreyer Family Scholarship Dewitt Scott & Joe Thomas Duckworth Memorial Presidential Scholarship in Business
DuPont Beaumont Works - Acrylonitrile Business Unit Scholarship Vernon & Johnnie Durden Scholarship
Fred & Marie Duty Memorial Scholarship in Industrial Engineering Byron and Connie Dyer Geosciences Innovation Fund
Dr. Wayne Dyess Memorial Scholarship in Music

Frances Earle Memorial Scholarship Howard and Syble Eastepp Scholarship in Nursing
J. Sam and Dr. Elizabeth Ebanks Scholarship Edmonds Scholarship
Mamie W. and E. G. Edson, Jr. Memorial Scholarship in Music Electrical Engineering Alumni Scholarship
Dr. M. LeRoy Ellis Memorial Scholarship in French Elmer E. & Patricia Muldoon Embs Scholarship in Chemical Engineering
Endowed Scholarship in Women’s Golf Englobal Engineering, Inc. Scholarship in Engineering
Entergy Texas, Inc. Scholarship in Engineering

Sunny Marie Eppler Memorial Scholarship

Lyman C. Wear and Nancy W. Evans Scholarship in Communication Dr. Samuel L. Evans Memorial Scholarship in History
Dr. H. E. and Doris J. Eveland Memorial Regents Scholarship in Geology Evening Optimist Club of Beaumont Memorial Scholarship
Evening Optimist/O.B. Archer Endowed Scholarship ExxonMobil Foundation Presidential Scholarship

Meredith Kathryn Berryhill Fitzgerald Scholarship in Education Les Fleming Memorial Athletic Scholarship in Baseball
Eva Ford Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fraternal Order of Eagles--Nederland Chapter Endowed Scholarship
Fraternal Order of Eagles--Port Neches Chapter Endowed Scholarship Paul D. Fregia Scholarship
Harold and Eleanor Fritze Scholarship in History Margie Hartsfield Fuller Scholarship in Education
Phillip E. & Cheryl S. Fuller Scholarship in Business Rebecca Lynn Fussell Presidential Scholarship in Chemical Engineering

Julian M. Galiano Memorial Scholarship in Communication H. C. & Willie Mae Galloway Endowed Scholarship in Business
Michael Jay Gammill Presidential Scholarship in Business Calvin Garland Endowed Scholarship
Carole and Bob Garner Scholarship in Business Tommy Jean & Harry Edward Garner Scholarship in Business
Harry Launce Garnham Memorial Scholarship Charles Lewis Garrett and Eleanor Smith Garrett Scholarship in Engineering
Garrett Scholars Mary Jane Garth Regents Scholarship
Dr. David G. Gates Scholarship - Industrial Engineering Dorothy Pierce (Stafford) Geers Memorial Scholarship in Family & Consumer Sciences
A.L. (Tom) and Nancy Giannopoulos Regents Scholarship in Engineering Theresa and J.C. Giglio Scholarship in Business
Elmer Clayton Gill Memorial Scholarship in Chemistry Jack Gill Presidential Scholarship
Samuel G. Gill Presidential Scholarship Jim Gilligan Scholarship in Baseball
Kip Glasscock Scholarship - Business Lyle and Vivian Godkin Scholarship in Art
Goeckleman Scholarship Fund Tipton and Ann Golias Scholarship
Ruth Kaigler Goode and D. Rex Goode Scholarship in Art Ruth Kaigler Goode and D. Rex Goode Scholarship in Music
Ruth Kaigler Goode and D. Rex Goode Scholarship in Theatre Charles and Susan Gordon and Julia Gordon Gray Memorial Scholarship
Marie E. Gordon Presidential Scholarship in Nursing H. Stephen Grace, Jr. Presidential Scholarship
Bill and Johnnie Grantham Scholarship in Nursing Dr. John Ellis Gray Memorial Scholarship in Education
John E. Gray Presidential Scholarship Mary and John Gray Endowed Scholarship
Greater Texas Foundation Scholarship Annie Sue & Richard T. Green Memorial Scholarship in Math
S. L. Greenberg Presidential Endowed Scholarship Dr. Philip B. Greenberg Memorial Scholarship in Pre-Med
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Greenberg Memorial Scholarship Sigmund S. Greenberg Memorial Scholarship in Psychology
Jeff & Bruce Greenberg Presidential Scholarship Natalie A. Greenberg Scholarship in Fine Arts
Arthur Greenspan Scholarship in Accounting Lee G. Griffin Endowed Scholarship in the Visual and Performing Arts
Amanda Garcia Guevera Memorial Scholarship Scott & Patricia Groben Scholarship in Chemistry
Gunderson Heritage Scholarship in Chemical Engineering Dr. Howell H. Gwin, Jr. Scholarship in History
R. S. Gwynn Scholarship in Creative Writing

Ronald and Anna Lee Haddox Scholarship in Business Hahn Family Scholarship
Chris Hahn Endowed Scholarship Norma S. Hall Memorial Scholarship in Business
Tim Halley Memorial Scholarship Gladys and Bill Hammond Scholarship
Vicki Guarnere Handel Scholarship Tom & Melba Harken Presidential Scholarship
Robert H. Harlow Scholarship in Electrical Engineering Marvin V. Harlow Endowed Scholarship In Engineering
Thelma V. Harlow Endowed Scholarship In Nursing Leonard L. Harper, Jr. Memorial Scholarship in Band
Fred Hartman and John Blair Memorial Scholarship Hayes Family Presidential Scholarship
Josephine and Wilbur Hebert Mirabeau Scholarship Alan R. Hefty Scholarship in Accounting
Melvin R. Hefty Scholarship in Chemical Engineering Cherrie McVey Hefty Scholarship in Education
Charles Heidrick Endowed Scholarship Jean Allen Helms Scholarship in Theatre
Lila & Hunter W. Henry, Jr. Scholarship Honoring the Nurses Cardiovascular Recovery Unit at St. David's South Austin Medical Center Elaine Tatom & Hunter W. "Ticket" Henry Scholarship
J. B. Higgins Memorial Scholarship in Athletics Dr. Jane O. Hinchey Endowed Scholarship in Family and Consumer Sciences
Stuart Paul Hinchey Memorial Scholarship in Family and Consumer Sciences Dr. George J. Hirasaki Scholarship in Chemical Engineering
Dr. Thomas C. Ho Scholarship in Chemical Engineering John Hodges and Mike Torres Memorial Scholarship
I. "Butch" and Anna "2-2" Hoffer Memorial Scholarship in Entrepreneurial Studies Todd and Jennifer Hoffman Scholarship in Business honoring Drs. Robert and Marleen Swerdlow
Ernest Holdredge Memorial Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering Dr. Belle Mead Holm Memorial Scholarship
Holtzclaw Memorial Scholarship Henry and Juel Homberg Endowed Scholarship in Women’s Golf
Frances Jane Carr Homer Memorial Scholarship for the Visually Impaired Lonnie & Ruth Hood Memorial Scholarship
Tony Houseman Memorial Scholarship Houston Chapter of the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) Endowed Scholarship
Houston GPA Midstream Association Endowed Scholarship Alan Randall Howard Memorial Scholarship
Marie Hubbard Endowed Scholarship Fund The Ed Hughes Memorial Regents Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. & Patricia B. Hurwitz Presidential Scholarship Frank Walsh Hustmyre Scholarship in Music

International Maintenance Institute/Sabine Neches Chapter Scholarship in Engineering Bruce C. Irvine Memorial Scholarship in Business
Norma Matlock Irwin Memorial Scholarship

Tom E. Jackson Memorial Scholarship Pat and Ben D. Jackson Scholarship
Lucille Jarisch Endowed Scholarship Jefferson County Medical Society Alliance Scholarship
Jefferson County Medical Society Memorial Merit Scholarship in Pre-Med or Health Sciences Helen R. Johnsen Regents Scholarship
Elizabeth Rothwell Johnson Memorial Scholarship/Colonel George Moffett Chapter, DAR Scholarship in Music Thad & Margaret Johnson/Babe Didrikson Zaharias Scholarship in Women's Athletics
Dolores Jones Memorial Scholarship in Nursing Tom F. and Ann D. Jones Honors Scholarship

Hubert Kaszynski Memorial Scholarship in Piano Carolyn J. Keating Scholarship in English
Thomas Joseph "Tom" Keating Memorial Scholarship in Industrial Engineering Charles M. and Nadine Kebodeaux Scholarship in Accounting
Alice Keith Memorial Endowed Fellowship/Scholarship in Fine Arts and Communication C. Robert Kemble Presidential Scholarship
Dr. Hi Kim Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Economics Donna Kirby Memorial Scholarship
Charles R. Knight Scholarship in Earth & Space Sciences Daniel "Dan" Kohlhofer Memorial Scholarship
Anthony Scott Kojak Scholarship in Music Frederick H. Koshkin Presidential Scholarship
Betty Kubala Scholarship in Nursing William Kuhlke Society of Plastics Engineers, South Texas Section Endowed Scholarship
Mrs. Clyde Wiess Kyle Endowed Scholarship

Ashley LaBiche YMBL Memorial Scholarship Leslie A. Lakie Scholarship in Civil Engineering
Margaret Lumpkin Lakie Scholarship in Mathematics The Lamar University Secretaries Association/Melba Brunow Endowed Scholarship
Lamar University Academic Enhancement Fund Lamar University Foundation Scholarship
Lamar University Pre-Law Scholarship and Texas Tech University Law Scholarship Representative Nick Lampson Scholarship
Archie Land Good Heart Scholarship Gus Landegren Scholarship in Physics
Jacques Landry Math Scholarship J. A. Landry Scholarship
C. W. Lane Presidential Scholarship Language Scholars Endowed Scholarship in English, French or Spanish
Clayton & Georgia Lau Presidential Scholarship in Business John M. Lawrence Memorial Scholarship in Accounting
L. DeWayne Layfield-Texas State University System Foundation Scholarship Ralph A. Leaf Presidential Scholarship in Engineering
LeBlanc Family Memorial Scholarship in Fine Arts Wea H. and Chin Chin Lee Scholarship in Asian Studies
M. L. Lefler, Sr. and Bessie Lefler Memorial Scholarship A. J. Leger Memorial Scholarship
Dolores and Vincent Leone Scholarship in Engineering Joan Letulle Memorial Scholarship for Students with Disabilities
Carl D. Levy Memorial Scholarship in Arts and Sciences Vivian Liddell Scholarship
Lindsay & Morgan PLLC Scholarship Audie Nelson Little Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
Li-Via Scholarship in Chemical Engineering Helen Caldwell Locke & Curtis Blakey Locke Regents Memorial Scholarship in Communication
The Locke Family Regents Scholarship in Theatre and Dance Gloria Swarts Locke and Charles Blakey Locke Regents Scholarship in Theatre
Russell J. Long Scholarship in Biology Viona E. Long Scholarship in Biology
John H. Long Presidential Scholarship Wilfred H. Long, Jr., and Catherine Long Regent Scholarship in Business Honoring Wilfred H. Long, Sr.
Victor L. Lovelady Memorial Scholarship in Engineering Paula & John Lovoi Scholarship in Speech & Language Pathology
Mildred Bland Lucas and Harry Lucas Memorial Scholarship Maryann Lyle Regents Scholarship in Education
Don M. Lyle Regents Scholarship in Engineering

Thomas M. Maes II and Rosalea Maes Memorial Scholarship in Fine Arts & Communication Carlton Mahlmann Memorial Scholarship in Accounting
Stephen Mann Memorial Scholarship in Art John Robert Mansinger Memorial Scholarship
Market Basket Charitable Foundation Scholarship Dr. Gabriel A. "Tony" Martin Memorial Scholarship
Becky and Chuck Mason Mirabeau Scholarship Elvis Mason Regents Scholarship in Business
Sarah Sims Matheny Scholarship Dr. Barbara Mathis Vocal Scholarship
Charles R. Matthews Scholarship in Marching Band Shar Zaloom McCabe Memorial Scholarship
Howard McDaniel Presidential Scholarship Dr. F. L. and Evelyn McDonald Memorial Fund
Kyle Sean McDonald Memorial Scholarship McDonald’s Restaurant Scholarship
Caldwell and Rosine McFaddin Memorial Scholarship James L. C. McFaddin, Jr. Memorial Scholarship in Entrepreneurship
Mamie McFaddin Ward Memorial Scholarship in Fine Arts Mamie McFaddin Ward Memorial Scholarship in Health Sciences
Dr. Thomas C. McGill, Jr. Memorial Scholarship in Engineering Susan & Bob McLendon Scholarship in Business
Bob & Susan McLendon Scholarship in Engineering McMaster Honors Scholarship Fund
Dr. Floyd and Marie McSpadden Sr. Memorial Scholarship in Pre-Med Melody Maids Endowed Scholarship
JD and Stella Melonson Memorial Scholarship in Industrial Engineering C. G. Mendenhall Memorial Scholarship Fund
Frederick G. Michaelis Scholarship Fund Lena Triplett Milam Scholarship in Music
Milam - Harned - Quilliam Scholarship in Music J. Neal Miller Aviation & Space Foundation Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund William Currie Mills Endowed Scholarship in Family and Consumer Sciences
J. V. & Gene Minyard Memorial Scholarship in Engineering Miss Mary Alice Memorial Scholarship in Dance
William B. and Mary G. Mitchell Endowed Scholarship in Engineering William B. and Mary G. Mitchell Endowed Scholarship in Fine Arts
Mixson Family Scholarship in Memory of Jim & Florrie Mixson, Sib Mixson, Max Mixson and Mabyn Mixson McCargo Floyd H. Mize Scholarship in Business
David Foreman Molina Regents Scholarship George Anne & Gene C. Monger in Accounting in Memory of Norma Hall
Oliver P. and Francis K. Monk Memorial Scholarship Vernice Monroe Scholarship in Social Work
Lin Scroggs Moore Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics Susan M. Morgan Civil Engineering Scholarship
Donald E. Morgan Endowed Scholarship Isabel Stafford Morian Art Award
Sam W. and Patsy E. Morphew Scholarship Joe Ed Morris Memorial Scholarship
Nell & Terry Morris Scholarship in Fine Arts Nena Morris Endowed Scholarship
Dewey & Jessie E. Mosby Scholarship Moss Family Scholarship
Camille Mouton Scholarship Francis & Marjorie Mouton Scholarship in Construction Management
Katherine E. and William C. Mundt Student Engineering Fund Bill and Kelly Munro Scholarship
James Bernard Murphy and Anita Murphy Scholarship John Darren Murphy Memorial Scholarship in Psychology
Paul Eric Murray Memorial Scholarship in Engineering

Angie Nall Endowment in Education Otho Plummer/Neches River Festival Memorial Scholarship
Amir and Layla Nejad Scholarship in Civil Engineering Professor Jerry Newman Scholarship in Painting
Rabbi Newton J. Friedman Memorial Scholarship in Pre-med Dr. Hai H. Nguyen Memorial Scholarship in Chemical Engineering
Minh-Dang Nguyen Memorial Scholarship in Nursing Larry and Cynthia Norwood Chemical Engineering Scholarship
Dr. William "Bill" Nylin Scholarship in Computer Science

Earl and Louise O’Dell Memorial Scholarship Fund Thomas H. Odiorne Presidential Scholarship
Gene Ohmstede Endowed Scholarship in Biology James Rowland Old Endowed Scholarship in Music
The Orange Memorial Hospital Corporation Scholarship Scholarship for Students from Orange County
The Oriska Foundation Scholarship Dr. Raul S. Ornelas Memorial Scholarship in Trumpet
Dr. Jack Orrick Scholarship for Pre-Med Students Hermann Ortega Scholarship in Engineering
Norman and Harold Orton Memorial Scholarship in Math or Engineering Jackson Broocks Osborne Memorial Scholarship

Tony Paine Memorial Scholarship in Engineering Dr. Sam Frank Parigi Scholarship in Economics
Sam C. Parigi, Sr., Memorial Scholarship Pat & Melody Parsons Innovation Fund in Business
Judy Fleming Partin Memorial Scholarship in Engineering Charles A. Partin Scholarship in Economics
Gerry E. Pate Scholarship in Civil Engineering W. L. Pate, Sr./Babe Didrikson Zaharias Scholarship in Women's Athletics
Coach John Payton Scholarship Roy A. and Marianella Permenter Endowed Scholarship
Philippine American Community of Texas Scholarship Philippine Association of Beaumont, Texas Scholarship
Sierra Leigh-Anne Phillips Scholarship in Journalism Clark and Hazel Phippen Scholarship in Women’s Tennis
Floyd and Stella Pipkin Endowed Scholarship John F. Pipkin Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Adonia Placette Scholarship in Theatre Annette Edwards Platt Memorial Scholarship in English
Alan H. Plummer, Jr. Environmental Engineering Scholarship Karen Powell Memorial Scholarship
Press Club of Southeast Texas Memorial Scholarship Dr. Richard L. Price, I Scholarship in Engineering, Math & Science
Richard and Cathy Price Scholarship in Choral Music PricewaterhouseCoopers Presidential Scholarship
PRN Medical Services Scholarship in Nursing Doak C. Procter Jr. Memorial Scholarship in Business
Provost and Umphrey Endowed Scholarship in Athletics Laura H. Purkey Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Jed Ramsey Endowed Scholarship in Biology William Michael Randall Scholarship
Viola Raney Memorial Scholarship Albert E. and Gena Reaud Scholarship
Marguerite "Margie" Fanette Reeves Scholarship in Finance Dr. H. B. Renfro Memorial Scholarship in Geology
Rice Family Scholarship in Business Anna Mary Rienstra Memorial Scholarship in Education
Ellen Rienstra Scholarship in Music Yvonne Ritter Scholarship in English & Modern Languages
Romaine Roach Endowed Scholarship Rosa Jean Tannahill Robertson Scholarship in Family and Consumer Sciences
The Robins Award for Academic Excellence  Elmer G. Rode, Jr. Presidential Scholarship
Noah Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship Fund Ben & Julie Rogers/Babe Didrikson Zaharias Scholarship in Women’s Athletics
Dr. Sol J. and Miriam Rogers Memorial Scholarship Frank Rollins Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Nan Ellen Roscoe Memorial Scholarship in Nursing Willa Nelson Ross and Ruby Nelson Shirutis Scholarship in Civil Engineering
Mrs. Bessie M. Rowe Poetry Award Jerry Rudd Memorial Scholarship

Sabine Transportation Company Scholarship Nick Salem Endowed Scholarship
Sales and Marketing Executives of Southeast Texas Endowed Scholarship in Marketing/General Business Samuel J. Salim, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Lila Maurice Salles Memorial Scholarship in Fine Arts & Communication
Lawrence M. and Earleene Dryer Sanders Scholarship
Ethel and O.B. Sawyer Memorial Scholarship Fund Mary Schlesinger Endowed Scholarship
Charles L. Schmucker Presidential Scholarship Dr. Russ and Susan Schultz Presidential Scholarship in Music
Nita Mixon Scott & Edna Taylor Duckworth Presidential Scholarship in Visual and Performing Arts  Patricia & George Sculley Scholarship - Business
Joe & Gloria Sellers Memorial Scholarship in Music  Dr. Richard Setzer Memorial Scholarship in Business
Dr. Richard W. Setzer Scholarship Fund Diane and Don Shaver Master of Science Accounting Scholarship
Don S. Shaver Scholarship in Accounting Diane and Don Shaver Speech and Hearing Sciences Scholarship
Curtis and Thelma Shelton Memorial Scholarship The Shepherd Scholarship in Music
Mary Frances Dishman Sherlock Scholarship in Business Mary Frances Dishman Sherlock Scholarship in Nursing
Jack Shofner Memorial Scholarship in Graphics/Commercial Art Dr. Richard L. & Lois M. Shorkey Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
Dr. James W. Shuffield Scholarship - Athletic Trainer Dr. James M. Simmons Scholarship in Fine Arts
Smith-Hutson Scholarship Dan F. Smith Regents Scholarship in Engineering
James G. Smith Memorial Scholarship Lynn E. & Laura Lee Smith Scholarship
Marke Armide Smith Memorial Scholarship Shelby Lynn Smith Memorial Scholarship
Dr. T. Mickey Smith Memorial Scholarship in Athletic Training W. Russell Smith Endowed Scholarship
Will L. Smith Memorial Scholarship in Special Education Zulma Gay Smith Memorial Scholarship in English or Foreign Language
H. R. “Bob” Sontag/Goodyear/Junior Achievement Scholarship South Park Booster Club Endowed Merit Scholarship
South Texas Section Society of Plastics Engineers Scholarship Southeast Texas Human Resources Association Scholarship in Human Resource Management
Southeast Texas Legends Endowed Scholarship Honoring Major T. Bell Southeast Texas Legends Endowed Scholarship Honoring Jack Brooks
Southeast Texas Legends Endowed Scholarship Honoring The Honorable Don Burgess Southeast Texas Legends Endowed Scholarship Honoring Dr. Joe Dickerson
Southeast Texas Legends Endowed Scholarship Honoring Everett Lord Southeast Texas Legends Endowed Scholarship Honoring Dr. George McLaughlin
Southeast Texas Legends Endowed Scholarship Honoring Gilbert I. "Buddy" Low Southeast Texas Legends Endowed Scholarship Honoring Hubert Oxford III
Southeast Texas Legends Endowed Scholarship Honoring Carl Parker, Jr. Southeast Texas Legends Endowed Scholarship Honoring Dr. James M. Simmons
Southeast Texas Legends Endowed Scholarship Honoring Ward Stephenson Southeast Texas Legends Endowed Scholarship Honoring Joe H. Tonahill
Southeast Texas Legends Endowed Scholarship Honoring John G. Tucker Southeast Texas Legends Endowed Scholarship Honoring Walter Umphrey
Southeast Texas Legends Endowed Scholarship Honoring The Honorable Bob Wortham Southwestern Bell Scholarship in Business
James J. Spencer Memorial Scholarship Jean L. Spitznagle Scholarship in Human Resources
Dr. Harry Starr Medical Scholarship Fund Robert Stauffer Memorial Scholarship in Chemical Engineering
Lucy Ella Stead Memorial Scholarship in Business Mildred Mary (Behrman) and Charles Albert Stead, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Emma Genevieve (De Forest) and Charles Albert Stead, Sr. Memorial Scholarship in Business E.H. Jr./Sr. & B. A. Steinhagen Presidential Scholarship
Janie and Mark Steinhagen Scholarship in Business Joe Stelly South Park Scholarship
Eleanor McIlwain Stevens Memorial Scholarship The Honorable John B. and Marcia M. Stevens Scholarship
Lily and Craig Stevenson Scholarship in Communication Disorders Stine-Zellner Endowed Scholarship in Civil Engineering or Spanish

Beeman and Nancy Strong Memorial Scholarship

Edward E. Stuckey Scholarship Fund
Brian Sumrall Endowed Scholarship in Graphic Design Dr. Walter Allan Sutton Memorial Scholarship in History
Dr. Robert Swerdlow Memorial Scholarship Symphony League of Beaumont Scholarship in Music
Myrtle and Maurice Synnott Memorial Scholarship

Floy Taylor Baten Memorial Scholarship Technip Jack and St. Malo Project Scholarship
Tejas Chapter of The Daughters of the Republic of Texas Scholarship in History  Ty Terrell Scholarship Fund in Track
Texas Gulf Historical Society Charlsie Berly Scholarship Texas Hazardous Waste Management Society Fellowship in Hazardous Waste Studies
Texas Osteopathic Medical Association District XII Scholarship Texas Society of Professional Engineers--Sabine Chapter Scholarship in Engineering
Ronald W. Thibodeaux Memorial Scholarship in Construction Management James L. & Sandra J. Thomas Scholarship in Industrial Engineering
Eleanor & Douglas Thompson Scholarship in Health Care Harry L. Thompson Memorial Scholarship in Engineering
Bill Thorton and Grace Coffman Scholarship Fund George B. Tims, Jr. Memorial Scholarship in Industrial Engineering
Janice Trammell Scholarship in Communication Tri-City Corvette Club Scholarship
William L. and Bertha H. Trotti Scholarship Lucy S. Turner Memorial Scholarship in Education
Mike and Bette Turner Presidential Scholarship

Walter Umphrey Endowed Scholarship in Environmental Studies

Valero Scholarship in Engineering Tom Vance Scholarship in Theatre
Enrique J. Venta Memorial Scholarship in Accounting Al Vincent Scholarship for Baseball
Martha and Haldane Vinson Memorial Scholarship

Fred Wachendorfer Memorial Scholarship in Marketing Francis Wagner Memorial Scholarship
Bobby Waldron Memorial Scholarship in Computer Science Clara Elizabeth Beard Walker Memorial Scholarship
William Walker Presidential Scholarship Wade C., Sr., Della H. and Homer L. Walles Scholarship in Business
Homer and Jane Walles Presidential Scholarship R. Joe Ware Presidential Scholarship in Earth and Space Sciences
The Joseph Donald "Trey" Warren, III Presidential Scholarship Michael E. Warren Endowed Scholarship in Biology
Water Environment Association of Texas Scholarship Charles A. Watkins Scholarship
Professor Joe Watt Scholarship in Electrical Engineering William Patrick Weber Presidential Scholarship
Jane C. Weed Scholarship Gloria Weinbaum Literary Scholarship
Eleanor Perlstein Weinbaum Memorial Scholarship in English and Foreign Languages Virginia D. Weir Memorial Scholarship in History
Peter Boyd Wells, Jr. Scholarship in History Bob West/Babe Didrikson Zaharias Scholarship in Athletics
George and Fay Lynn Cruse White and Family Memorial Scholarship Jason & Jessica Whitney Future of America Scholars
Charles T. Wickersham Family Regents Scholarship in Business Charles T. Wickersham Family Regents Scholarship in Athletics
John and Mary Wilfert Memorial Scholarship Fund Robert H. Wilkerson Memorial Scholarship in Communication
Dr. Donald E. Williams Scholarship in Business/Insurance Gladys V. Williams & Anne S. Heifetz Memorial Scholarship
Jean and Rudy Williams Scholarship in Music Mark and Tatia Williams Scholarship for Freshmen
Peggy Wilson Memorial Scholarship in Art Preston Williams/Ralph Wooster Scholarship in History
Rosine and Will Wilson Endowed Scholarship in Music Mr. & Mrs. Wilton P. Hebert Scholarship
G. A. Wimberly, Jr. Memorial Scholarship G. A. Wimberly, Sr. Men’s Basketball Scholarship
Parker Windham Memorial Scholarship Anne Fisher Winslow Award for Skill and Compassion in Nursing
Margaret Forry Winslow Nursing Scholarship F. David Winter, Jr. MD Presidential Scholarship in Pre-Med
Diane Keating Woodcox Scholarship in English and Modern Languages Ralph & Edna Wooster Endowed Scholarship in History
Jerry Wright Memorial Scholarship in Accounting

Yaws-Via Scholarship in Chemical Engineering Patsy & Michael Yennie Scholarship in Accounting
YMBL Endowed Scholarship - Masters of Business Administration YMBL/Cardinal Club Scholarship in Athletics
Robin Yohe Veterans Appreciation Presidential Scholarship Connie Young Presidential Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering

Victor A. Zaloom Scholarship in Engineering Dr. Victor A. Zaloom Leadership in Quality Endowed Scholarship