Dual Master's Degree in Nursing and Business Administration

Joanne Gay Dishman School of Nursing

Degree: Dual Master of Science Nursing-Master of Business Administration
Major: Nursing and Business Administration
Hours: 61

Dual Master of Science Nursing - Master of Business Administration Major: Nursing Administration

Delivery Options:

Degree Description

The Lamar University Dual Master of Science Nursing – Master of Business Administration prepares you as a well-rounded nurse leader through advanced learning of nursing administration, business, finance and management principles.
The MBA core courses for MSN/MBA students were chosen by MSN/MBA administrators in order to provide you the most relevant content for application as a nursing administrator. provides you the opportunity to examine both the theoretical and practical aspects of business administration. You will experience learning in a small classroom environment and/or online, where theories are applied to case studies, simulations and team projects.

Why Study Nursing and Business Administration at Lamar?

You may complete the Dual Master of Science Nursing – Master of Business Administration at Lamar University in approximately three years with courses in both The Dishman School and the College of Business. As a graduate, you will be equipped to assume leadership positions in nursing and will contribute to the discipline of nursing through evidence-based practice.

Career Paths

When you hold both a MSN and a MBA, you are positioned to take advantage of unique opportunities in the nursing industry. You may decide to continue in the nursing profession, advance into managerial roles, seek a position with a government agency, or start working in an executive capacity within a clinic or a larger hospital. The combined skills of patient care and business management present a vast number of opportunities for you as a nurse today.

Primary Careers

Nurse manager, institutional executive/administrator

Career Areas

  • Nurse management
  • Policy
  • Administration
  • Executive leadership

Types of Employers

  • Medical clinics and facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Private practitioners
  • Nursing schools and training programs
  • Government agencies