Formstack Requirements and Reminders

Creating online forms using Formstack is easy, but there are guidelines each user must follow. Following these guidelines ensures your continued use of Formstack.



Formstack requires log-in using Single Sign-on. 

Enter your email and choose the option to sign in with LUPRODCAS. You will be taken to the LU log-in page to sign in using your LEA and password.

 welcome screen for formstack with arrows pointing to username field and link to sign in with luprodcas


You must embed ALL forms on a Lamar University branded page located at within the CMS. This includes internal forms used for staff and faculty.

Form links hosted through Formstack are not allowed and are disabled when new forms are created. Users reinstating Formstack-hosted links after they have been disabled run the risk of having their Formstack access rescinded.

formstack embed page with arrow pointing to green share box and arrow pointing to embed this form on your website javascript field If you do not have access to in the CMS, please create your form and send the embed code to your department liaison to set up your branded page. Embed codes are found under the "share" tab.


Your form must redirect to a submission confirmation page after the user submits.

Create your confirmation page in the CMS and paste the published URL into Formstack.

Welcome and submission message; arrow pointing to add a submission message button; submission message settings, arrows pointing to redirect to a custom url radio button and external link entry fieldSubmission message options are found under the "Settings" tab through Welcome & Submission Message.


Images within forms are not recommended but if used must be placed in a description field.

Images and text placed at the top of forms above form fields should be placed within the CMS page above where the form is embedded.

We suggest you avoid using images inside of Formstack. 

advanced fields box with arrow pointing to description area button If you feel an image is important, simply drag a description area into the form builder and insert your image through the text editor.


Every form must contain a link to LU's privacy policy.

Drag the privacy policy, located at the end of the "Your Saved Sections" area, right above your submit button.

privacy policy above submit button; location of privacy policy saved section at bottom of list


All notification and confirmation emails must be configured using a custom address with the From Name being "Lamar University" and the From Email Address being "".

notification email settings show custom address field, name as Lamar University, email address as; confirmation email settings show FROM field as being "Lamar University" <>

Notification and confimation email settings are found under the "Settings" tab through Emails & Actions.


When including a signature line on your form, ADA compliance requires that you include an option for a typed name to serve as signature.

Field logic must be used for the appropriate choice to appear at the time of selection.

template showing fields for type name and signature options


When including an upload field or signature field in your form, you MUST contact Web Communications to have your form integrated with the Formstack One Drive.

Contact Chrisy Swanson at to have your form integrated.


Christy Swanson
Digital Communications Coordinator