Mohammadreza (Reza) Barzegaran, PhD

Department: Drayer Department of Electrical Engineering


Research Interests: 

  • Design, Control and FMEA of Electrical Machines, Alternator & Power System Components
  • Hardware in loop control of Electric Machines, Power Electronics converters, switches and connectors in Micro/ smartgrid
  • Embedded systems programming for power system containing MCU’s, PLC or programmable logic, signal processing
  • Condition Reliability Monitoring, Fault Diagnosis & Prognosis of Electric Power Components
  • Protection, Life Management & Reliability of Electrical Power Equipment,
  • Energy Storage Systems (batteries, ultra-capacitors), Battery Modeling, Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Power System Operation (Modeling, Simulation, Contingency Analysis, State Estimation, and Power/voltage stability), Power System Optimization

Appropriate Majors: Electrical Engineering