Events and Conferences

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Take advantage of these opportunities to present your research to peers and mentors:

Undergraduate Research Exposition (EXPO)

  • showcase research you've designed as an undergraduate researcher
  • present theses, capstones, or projects for honors courses, independent studies, or other discipline-specific research
  • collaborative or individual presentations welcome

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Humanities, Arts, Social Behavioral Sciences, Education, Business (HASBSEB)

  • conference dedicated to promoting research in specific disciplines
  • a platform for researchers, academicians, and other professionals to present research in related fields


Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)

  • integrative conference for STEM disciplines
  • committed to improving and showcasing STEM education and its global relevance

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New to Research?

If you are new to performing and writing research, we encourage you to attend these events to get a feel for what takes place. Then you can jump into your own research!