The Texas Academy of Leadership in the Humanities is committed to the moral responsibility of becoming active citizens, committed to the ideal of service to all.

The Academy recognizes service to community as critical to the development of leaders. To promote this concept, TALH offers a model program for its students through which they learn the design and implementation of a community project and realize the benefits of personal achievement and satisfaction through volunteerism. As students graduate from the Academy, they take these skills with them to different communities and new and diverse projects, ever widening the pool of pro-active and dynamic volunteers.

Community Concerns

Because we believe that effective volunteerism springs from the heart and not administrative mandate, our students are encouraged to seek out and follow those service needs that mean the most to them. As a result, our students frequently unite to serve a common concern in our community.

Leadership Through Service

TALH teaches leadership through service. Opportunities to volunteer in our community means we learn the responsibilities of committed citizenship and the democratic strength of individuals united to reach a common goal.

TALH offers a variety of volunteer opportunities to provide our students with meaningful community service through the Humanities and Ethics Practicum (H.E.L.P).