Residence Life

Morris Hall sign

TALH Residence Life

You will live on campus in the gated Cardinal Village Morris Hall complex, which offers dual bedroom/single bath suites. The residence hall is staffed with a low student/advisor ratio to ensure care for each student. You will live in a suite of two bedrooms, one bathroom and a living area.

Your room will include an extra-long twin bed, desk, storage unit, closet, and cable and ethernet lines. Each suite also includes a sofa and two chairs in the living area, along with a microwave and mini fridge. To make move-in day easy, here is the TALH list of what to bring on move-in day. For full information about what it's like to live on campus, visit our Housing and Residence Life website.

Safety and Security

Lamar University and TALH administration recognize the unique responsibilities in a residential program for minors. To provide the utmost in responsible supervision, the Student Service Coordinator and the Director are on call at all times.

The TALH section of Morris Hall is fully secured for your safety with additional sets of alarmed hall gates and separate locks on individual bedroom doors. Each room is equipped with smoke detectors and fire alarms. TALH provides 24-hour security through the university police department,  including a night security guard and up-to-date security equipment. 

While you will generally experience more freedom than a typical high school student, you also are expected to abide by more structured sets of rules than the average college student. These include (but are not limited to) curfew, visitation, health and safety, and travel guidelines. 

The TALH student handbook outlines the general code of behavior expected of students and also includes a guide to the disciplinary system. For full information about rules and guidelines regarding travel, socializing and more, please reference the current TALH student handbook.