Residence Life

From small towns to big cities, across cultures and with wide-ranging talents and interests, the Academy student body defies generalization, except in one important way--all of our students are eager to challenge their minds in new and limitless ways. Living in community forges friendship, encourages reciprocal respect and teaches social skills.

Cardinal Village Morris Hall

Morris Hall sign

Students live on campus in the gated Cardinal Village Morris Hall complex, which offers dual bedroom/single bath suites. The TALH section of Morris Hall is fully secured for the safety of students with additional sets of alarmed hall gates and separate locks on individual bedroom doors. In addition, each floor is equipped with security cameras and monitoring devices. The residence hall is staffed with a low student/advisor ratio, and the Academy also employs specially trained security officers who monitor the hall overnight. Each room is equipped with smoke detectors, fire alarms, and cable and Ethernet connections. Health and safety rules are firmly enforced.