Innovation Projects


Foreword: Clayton Christensen and other Harvard professors coined the theory disruptive innovation to talk about how radical change can actually change entire organizations very rapidly and very significantly. Disruptive innovation in and of itself is neither good nor bad; it’s how we deal with it that can be good or bad.

You can be reactive and wait for change to come about and deal with it and suffer the consequence of the change. Or you could be proactive and use disruptive innovation as a catalyst to bring about change and enhance the environment of your organization. The choice is yours, reactive or proactive.

In Texas Academy's Leadership & Innovation Seminar, you will learn to recognize the opportunities that innovation can bring about, but you will also learn how to leverage those opportunities as catalysts that can help transform and enhance your organization and the lives of others.

Over the course of the year, you will identify an authentic innovation opportunity that you can implement. This innovation opportunity will become the central focus of your required service leadership and can easily be connected to your intended major or field of study. Your innovation project can also be connected to one of the organizations you serve — it is your decision. We will give you choice, ownership and voice throughout the process, but your project must be achievable, meaning it must be something that you can actually implement and work toward completing in your senior year.

Fall Innovation Plan Timeline

  1. September — Assemble into groups of four and decide on an innovation project/plan
  2. October — Develop a one-page innovation proposal that will become your innovation plans
  3. November — Research your organization and its needs, write this up
  4. December — Build an implementation timeline for the spring semester

*After each step, add the project, resources and workflow to your ePortfolio on Portfolium.

Spring Innovation Project Timeline

  1. January/February/March — Test your ideas and volunteer with your organization as a group
  2. March/April — Build your two-minute media project — pay it forward video

*After each step, add the project and workflow to your ePortfolio on Portfolium.

**When completed, your ePortfolio will have a proposal, research, implementation timeline, media project and resources.

Note: We will share these projects with the LU community, parents, at preview days and in selected organizations. Your project will be a representation of Texas Academy, so be cognizant of how you build each element.

Innovation Proposal Guidelines (one page)

  1. What is the opportunity (or problem) that your team observes and would like to address?
  2. How will your team address the opportunity or solve this problem?
  3. What is your team proposing to do?
  4. What are the benefits of this recommended solution?
  5. What are you asking for or what will you need?


Coming Soon: Innovation Projects from 2021-2022 TALH Students