Student Life

Enjoy the best of high school while attending college!

TALH students at an event

Student life at TALH is extraordinary in many ways, and ordinary where it counts. Experience many of the classic memories associated with a typical high school experience such as prom, field trips, yearbooks and more.

Field Trips and Programs

At TALH, you will have opportunities to enjoy cultural field trips to the opera, ballet and the theater, along with regional events that spark student interest such as a particular exhibit at a Houston Museum or exploring another culture at a regional fair. TALH also offers a series of lectures and learning opportunities through two programs: Think Tanks and Keys to Success.

The first program, Think Tanks, brings expert lectures to the Academy to discuss diverse issues such as world religions or the stock market.

Keys to Success is a pilot project where TALH students polish communication skills in presentations of their chosen topic. Through Think Tanks and Keys to Success, your learning will extend far beyond the classroom.

Activities and Events

TALH's active social calendar features dances, dinners, picnics, retreats, prom, films and even shopping trips. You may also participate in TALH organizations like student government, journalism, literary journal, yearbook, social justice and JSA.

As an added benefit, TALH students may participate fully in the Lamar University campus activities, including the student government association, student events like film festivals, sports events, guest lectures, plays, and cultural celebrations as well as campus-wide student organizations like the orchestra and band, campus newspaper, Springfest and Homecoming.

Residence Life

The TALH community is a close-knit group of likeminded students, and you will form close bonds with your fellow classmates living on campus.

You will live in the fully secured TALH section of the gated Cardinal Village Morris Hall complex, which features ample security measures for minor residents. For full details on what to expect from campus life, visit our residence life pages.