Clubs and Committees


To support the development of its students, Texas Academy offers a variety of extracurricular activities designed to fulfill current students’ interests and goals. All officers in Texas Academy organizations must be in good standing and earn and maintain a 3.0 GPA. Texas Academy students also have the opportunity to further their leadership skills by organizing and operating their own special interest clubs and organizations. Students wishing to begin a new club should schedule an appointment with the Student Services Coordinator to review Lamar University and academy requirements regarding proposed purpose and activities.   

Clubs and committees must have the written approval of the dean, have an academy advisor (Texas Academy administrator) and hold their meetings as scheduled. First year students are strongly encouraged to meet their first semester academic goals before proposing a new club or organization. All activities must follow Lamar Code of Student Conduct and be approved in writing by the dean.   

For Texas Academy students and administrators alike, scheduling convenient club and committee meeting times is of the utmost importance. Students holding leadership posts in Texas Academy clubs should convene in the first week of each semester to determine the club schedule for the term and report the club/committee plans as early as possible.

Requirements for official Texas Academy clubs and committees:

  • Official meetings will take place as scheduled.
  • Texas Academy clubs must have an advisor (a Texas Academy administrator) present at official meetings.
  • Clubs should provide the student services coordinator the names of students holding executive roles.
  • Clubs are required to designate one junior, where applicable, as representative in the club’s leadership.
  • Clubs should clearly define goals or objectives and provide them to their advisor and club members at the first meeting of the semester.

In the first week of the semester, clubs should provide their advisor a list of probable topics to be covered at each meeting during that semester.

At official club and committee meetings an appointed club representative must record:

  • Attendance digitally (advisors should maintain copies as attendance will be a factor when considering student eligibility for club events or travel)
  • General notes on discussions, presentations, guest speakers, etc. 

2021-22 TALH Clubs & Committees

STEM Homecoming
Humanities & Culture Spring Fling
Yearbook Community Engagement
GoRed Social
Skateboard TALH