Mrs. Cindy Colichia

Mrs. Cindy Colichia, Administrative Coordinator, serves TALH in multiple capacities. As TALH registrar, she maintains all student records including health records and transcripts.

She develops and monitors TALH student graduation plans, assists with academic advising, and certifies students' eligibility for graduation. She maintains student data and reports required information to the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

She serves as a financial assistant to the Director by assisting with the development and monitoring of the budget.

She coordinates TALH admissions by collecting, tracking, and processing all TALH applications. She assists with all recruitment efforts.

She is TALH's webmaster as well as the editor of TALH’s monthly newsletter, TALH Corner. She designs, edits, and produces many TALH publications.

Mrs. Colichia has worked at Lamar University for over 33 years (20 years with TALH) and maintains a close relationship with the Lamar University community. She received the Lamar University Regent's Award in 1993 for outstanding service to Lamar. In 2009 she received the Lamar University Distinguished Staff Award. Most recently she was recognized in 2015 by Lamar University for 30 years of service.

Mrs. Colichia is a Lamar alumnus with a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences.