Dr. Ted Stuberfield

Position: Director
Room: TAGS 102
Phone: (409) 839-2995

Dr. Stuberfield is the Director of the Texas Academy of Leadership in the Humanities. He is an alumnus of Lamar University where he received his Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Administration and Doctorate in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.). His research interests include gifted and talented education, the achievement gap, cultural proficiency, leadership, African-American males and education, and education policy. He has served as an educator for over 20 years and has worked as a teacher and administrator in pre-K through 12 grade levels. He has taught gifted and talented students at the high school and middle school levels and possesses a wealth of administrative experience ranging from curriculum coordination, assistant principal, and principal. Dr. Stuberfield has been noted for school leadership by the Texas Education Agency for obtaining a ranking of “exemplary” for campus academic performance as well as recognition from the National Assessment of Education Progress.

Dr. Stuberfield is committed to serve students and promote a university community spirit of learning that values service, leadership, and academics with a holistic education in the humanities.

Scott Stevenson

Position: Assistant Director
Room#: TAGS 105
Phone: (409) 839-2990

Scott Stevenson is Assistant Director of the Texas Academy of Leadership in the Humanities. He joined TALH in 2000, after teaching English literature and Latin in San Antonio and Beaumont, and an earlier career in real estate banking. He oversees admissions/recruitment, teaches the humanities seminars, and coordinates community service programs, among other responsibilities. He received his B.A. in Classics and English Literature, with University Honors, from Washington University in St. Louis, and his M.A. in English Language and Literature from the University of Chicago.

Karen Corwin

Position: Counselor
Room#: TAGS 104
Phone: (409) 839-2992

Karen Corwin is the Counselor for TALH. She earned a M.Ed. from University of Texas.  She monitors the students' academic progress, course registration, and major selection. She also facilitates the college application process for seniors, as well as provides information on scholarships and summer programs. She has an open door policy that encourages students to drop in to chat about life's celebrations and concerns. She enjoys gardening, reading, listening to music, playing games and taking walks. She loves trees and being out in nature.  

Bruce Hodge

Position: Student Services Coordinator
Room#: TAGS 103
Phone: (409) 839-2993

Bruce Hodge serves as Student Services Coordinator for the Academy. Mr. Hodge organizes and chaperones Academy field trips and teaches Ethical Issues to second semester Seniors.

Cindy Colichia

Position: Administrative Coordinator
Room#: TAGS 102
Phone: (409) 880-2377

Cindy Colichia, Administrative Coordinator, serves TALH in multiple capacities. She serves as registrar maintaining all student records including health records and academic transcripts. She develops and monitors TALH student graduation plans, assists with academic advising, and certifies students' eligibility for graduation. She maintains student data and reports required information to the Texas Education Agency (TEA). She serves as a financial assistant to the Director by assisting with the development and monitoring of the budget.

She coordinates TALH admissions by collecting, tracking, and processing all TALH applications. She assists with recruitment and marketing for TALH. She designs, edits, and produces many of the TALH publications, as well as maintains the website.

Mrs. Colichia is a Lamar alumnus with a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences. She has worked at Lamar University for over 33 years (20 years with TALH) and maintains a close relationship with the Lamar University community. She received the Lamar University Regent's Award in 1993 for outstanding service to Lamar. In 2009 she received the Lamar University Distinguished Staff Award. Most recently she was recognized in 2015 by Lamar University for 30 years of service.