New Student

Welcome, Texas Academy students!

To get a head start so everything is ready for your arrival, below is an approximate timeline of events and a checklist of items for you to attend to over the summer.


  1. UNENROLL FROM YOUR HIGH SCHOOL: If you have not unenrolled from your high school, please begin that process right away. Go to your Counselor and see that this is taken care of. They may require a VOE (verification of enrollment) form to be filled out by us; they will give you this if needed. We are happy to fill this out and return this to them.

  2. OBTAIN YOUR FINAL TRANSCRIPT: Please drop off to LU Admission OR submit your FINAL official transcripts (sealed, never opened) when they are ready to: Lamar University - Office of Admissions - P.O. Box 10009 - Beaumont, TX 77710

  3. COMPLETE THE PRE-DEGREE PLANNING WORKSHEET (Due MAY 27): Please fill out the worksheet to the best of your ability (only do this once). Your interview information we collected will help us determine which courses you will need after you complete the distinguished plan high school requirements. We will reach out to you if there are questions. 

  4. ATTEND THE PARENT AND STUDENT Q & A MEETING ON JUNE 8TH (not required): If you would like to attend a one-hour Q & A workshop at 6pm, please join us on Zoom here. We hope to get all of your questions answered that you may have about your academic pathway and requirements to set your mind at ease so you can have an enjoyable summer.

  5. ATTEND LU NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION ON JULY 29: You will NOT need to register or pay for orientation if you are sent a link from LU. We will register you AND take care of the orientation fee of $50. All students will attend the same orientation so you can get to know your incoming class. If you are unable to attend that day, please email us and let us know, but you will be responsible for the orientation fee. 

  6. CLASS REGISTRATION - WE WILL DO THIS: We will begin the course registration process the week of June 6th. There is an overload of sections available for students across campus that need the same courses that you do, so please do not worry about not getting into a course. Further, if you have a preference not to have an 8am class or there is a special request, please reply to this email. We will do everything we can to accommodate your needs, but there are no guarantees. 

  7. DIGITAL FORMS COLLECTION: We will begin collecting digital forms for your arrival the first week of July. We will send all the links and parents will fill them out. No need to send anything back and forth; all forms will populate to our digital spreadsheet once submitted. 

    Note** - You MUST have insurance and a bacterial meningitis immunization prior to coming to campus, so please plan ahead, and do this right away so there are no issues registering.

  8. PEER MENTOR ASSIGNMENTS: We will begin assigning peer mentors in June for all incoming students. We will share your contact information with your peer mentor in July so you can begin getting to know them and others in your peer mentor groups.

  9. WEEK OF WELCOME: Plan to attend week of welcome activities and events through LU the week of August 15-21. This date is approximate; we are waiting on additional details.

  10. CARDINAL VILLAGE MOVE-IN DATES (only applies to those living on campus): August 16 - for returning seniors, August 17 - for all juniors (and new seniors) - Morris Hall Building 9.If you have been matched with another roommate, please disregard. As we update our weekly incoming students list, we will send this information over to housing and they will adjust accordingly. You will all be housed in Morris Hall, Building 9. Move in information for Morris Hall

  11. TEXAS ACADEMY ORIENTATION: Plan to attend Texas Academy Orientation on Thursday, August 18th from 3-4pm in the Price Auditorium at the John Gray Center (more details to come).

  12. ACADEMIC SUCCESS CONFERENCE: Plan to attend the Academic Success Conference from 10:00AM to 2:00PM on Saturday, August 20. You have already been registered for this event, so this is taken care of. 

  13. LU NEW STUDENT CONVOCATION: Plan to attend Student Convocation on Sunday, August 21. Time is TBD at this time. More info to come.