Apply Now

Applications for the 2022-2023 school year are now being accepted!


Pre-Application Instructions

Welcome to the Texas Academy! To apply, you must:

  • Be a Texas resident
  • Meet the Texas Education Agency requirements for 10th grade, including completion of Algebra II (or 11th grade, if applying for one-year experience)
  • Include your most recent transcript available
  • Include SAT and/or ACT scores, if available. Register for SAT and/or ACT.* 

*Though LU is following the test-optional policy; we consider standardized test scores as an additional data point in reviewing your application materials.


Application Deadline

Priority Deadline: June 1 


Step One: Apply to Lamar University

Apply to Lamar University online by creating a new account at 


On your application, select:

  • 4-year university: "Lamar University Beaumont"
  • Type of application: "Freshman"
  • Major: "Texas Academy"
  • Payment: "Fee waiver" option, as your $25 application fee is waived

You may choose a one-year or two-year experience.

We will review your ApplyTexas application and reach out to you.


Step Two: Apply to the Academy

We will send you a link to apply to the academy after we receive your ApplyTexas application.

You will need to submit these materials:

    • Academy application (online form)
    • Essay (upload via application)
    • Student recommendation waiver (online form)
    • Two letters of recommendation (automated via email)
             Requests will be sent to those whose emails you submit on the waiver form. Letters of recommendation must be from a teacher within the last year (preferably a math, English or science teacher) and a counselor or principal who can attest to your work ethic and speak on your behalf.


Academy Application Review

We review applications on a rolling basis at least once per week. You must provide all application materials before we can determine eligibility and set up an interview with you.  

Application reviews may take up to 2-3 weeks to process for an admissions decision. 

Expedited Application (preferred): September - December 
Traditional Application: January - June 

Applications in progress will be reviewed until July 31. 


Updates for Application

You are responsible for ensuring we receive any updates to your application, for any reason, particularly if you receive standardized test scores or grades that were not included on your original application. Please follow up with us at "Update" in the subject line of your email. 

We wish you the best and hope you will join our LU Cardinals! 





Customize Your High School Education

An endorsement is a way to customize your high school education to suit your interests. In ninth grade, Texas high school students have the option of choosing among five endorsements. Students who plan to attend the Texas Academy can take advantage of endorsements to help them prepare for their future degree path. This is not a requirement for prospective Texas Academy students, only an opportunity that might help you design your own path of college and career readiness.