Welcome New Students

Advising Appointment



You have been accepted into the Texas Academy, so what do you do now? We are including a list of things to address below so that you will be fully prepared when you transition to academy life. 


1. UNENROLL FROM YOUR HIGH SCHOOL: If you have not unenrolled from your high school, please begin that process right away. Go to your Counselor and see that this is taken care of. They may require a VOE (verification of enrollment) form to be filled out by us; they will give you this if needed. We are happy to fill this out and return this to them.

2. OBTAIN YOUR FINAL TRANSCRIPT: Please drop off to LU Admission OR submit your FINAL official transcripts (sealed, never opened) when they are ready to: Lamar University - Office of Admissions - P.O. Box 10009 - Beaumont, TX 77710.


3. FORMS: Complete all forms that are listed in your welcome packet. These must be submitted BEFORE you can be registered for classes. 


4. INSURANCE AND VACCINE: You MUST have insurance and a bacterial meningitis immunization prior to coming to campus, so please plan ahead, and do this right away so there are no issues registering.


5. CLASS REGISTRATION - WE WILL DO THIS: We will begin the course registration in Mid-April. There is an overload of sections available for students across campus that need the same courses that you do, so please do not worry about not getting into a course. Further, if you have a preference not to have an 8am class or there is a special request, please reply to this email. We will do everything we can to accommodate your needs, but there are no guarantees.


6. HOUSING APPLICATION: If you would like to live on campus, check out our On Campus Living Page! Once you decide to make the move, you will need to submit your Housing Application before July 1.


Attend all Parent and Student Events!