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As a Texas Academy student, you will take classes from university professors, receiving an education far superior to that found in high school in both instruction and curriculum. 

In addition to the core curriculum listed on the academic policies catalog page, you will participate in a leadership and innovation seminar, which will become an innovation plan proposal that will culminate in a service learning project.

You will be integrally involved in the course selection process in subsequent semesters as a learning experience. You are also highly encouraged to take the honors sections of courses for which you are eligible.

Lamar University's General Education Core Curriculum satisfies the criteria for compliance with the mandates of the Texas State Senate and the rules, recommendations and statement of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board found in Chapter 4 B §4.28-4.31. The curriculum spans the humanities and sciences and provides an interdisciplinary foundation to pursue intellectual inquiry, make critical evaluation of the findings and communicate those findings in the classroom and the broader academic environment. The academy uses core curriculum courses whenever possible to fulfill Texas Academy graduation requirements.