Faculty Mentors


To support student success, Texas Academy facilitates a faculty-to-student mentoring program. The mentor program pairs an individual student with a Lamar University faculty mentor of student choice in his/her area of study. The university faculty mentor cannot be a graduate student. This mentorship is regarded by the academy as critically important to the achievement of the full mission of Texas Academy. Students are strongly encouraged to regularly meet with their mentors. The role of our faculty mentors is to:

  • Guide you with mutual trust and understanding;
  • Develop the self-confidence needed for growth;
  • Inspire you in difficult times;
  • Help you set realistic goals;
  • Encourage responsible behavior;
  • Motivate, encourage and advise you for success;
  • Help you expand your horizons;
  • Assist you during a crisis or turning point;
  • Boost your self-esteem;
  • Broaden your contacts on campus and in the community; and
  • Support your career and educational goals.

Mentors will remain paired with the same student(s) for the two-year Texas Academy program. 

Rebekah Schilberg and mentor Dr. Sylvestre Twagirayezu