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The Texas Academy

The Texas Academy is an accelerated program for gifted and talented high school students in Texas who desire rigorous academics, innovative research and service leadership opportunities designed to enhance student learning and leadership in a variety of academic areas, including humanities, STEAM and liberal arts. Junior and senior high school students enroll as full-time college students. Students completing the Texas Academy after two years will graduate from the program with a diploma and 60+ credit hours, with most courses taken from the general education core curriculum. Lamar University’s General Education Core Curriculum satisfies the criteria for compliance with the mandates of the Texas State Senate along with the rules, recommendations and statement of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board found in Chapter 4 B§4.28-4.3.

Standardized Test Results 

College-Bound Seniors, Class of 2022

National Texas TX Academy
Composite 1060 1020 1253
Composite 20.6 20.2 22



Program of Study

The Texas Academy follows the Texas Education Agency Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP) for incoming juniors. Students take four years of English, math, science and social studies each; one half year of economics, two to three years of foreign language, one year of physical education, one half year of speech, one year of fine arts and four and one half years of approved electives. The Texas Academy program is rigorous, is open to all intended majors and includes at least one endorsement recognized by the Texas Education Agency and includes academic tracks as part of the elective curriculum. Texas Academy graduates exceed the recommended graduation requirements of the State of Texas.

Classification of Students

Texas Academy students are full-time college students enrolled at Lamar University. Texas Academy students are classified as college freshmen or sophomores by Lamar University if:

  • Freshman has met all entrance requirements, but fewer than 30 semester hours have been earned
  • Sophomore has earned a minimum of 30 semester hours
  • Junior has earned a minimum of 60 semester hours

School Ethnicity

Asian: 30%

Black: 11%

Hispanic: 11%

White: 33%

Other: 15%

Total School Enrollment

Total: 27

Class of 2022: 16

Lamar University Grading System

A - Excellent (4)

B - Good (3)

C - Satisfactory (2)

D - Passing (1)

F - Failure (0)

I - Incomplete (0)

NG - No Grade (0)

Q - Dropped, Passing (0)

S - Satisfactory/Credit (0)

U - Unsatisfactory/No Credit (0)

W - Withdrawn (0)

GPA Calculation

GPA is calculated on the Lamar University courses only. Previous high school courses are not included in the GPA calculations. Grade points are assigned according to the numbers assigned above in the Lamar University Grading System. GPA is calculated by multiplying the semester hours by the points assigned to the grade in the course. Hours attempted include all work taken whether passed, failed or repeated.


The Texas Academy does not rank students. All Texas Academy students enroll in university courseand attend courses on campus only. Texas Academy students are no longer in high school and have entered college early.

Lamar University 

General Education Core Curriculum

Communication 2 courses
(6 semester hours)

ENGL 1301

and one course from:

COMM 1315, COMM 1321; 

DSDE 1371;

FREN 1311; or

SPAN 1311

Mathematics 1 course
(3 semester hours)

MATH 1314, MATH 1316, MATH 1324,
MATH 1325, MATH 1332, MATH 1342,
MATH 1350, 
MATH 1414, MATH 2305,
MATH 2310,
 MATH 2311, MATH 2312,
MATH 2413, 
MATH 2414, MATH 3370

Life and Physical Science 2 courses
(6 semester hours)

Must include lab for high school science credit

BIOL 1308, BIOL 1315, BIOL 1406, BIOL 1407,
BIOL 2306, BIOL 2401, BIOL 2402;

CHEM 1306, CHEM 1308,
CHEM 1311, CHEM 1312;

GEOL 1390, GEOL 1403, GEOL 1404;

PHYS 1305, PHYS 1307,
PHYS 1311, PHYS 1401,
PHYS 1402, PHYS 1405, 
PHYS 1407, PHYS 1411,
PHYS 1425, PHYS 1426, PHYS 2425, PHYS 2426;

SPSC 1301, SPSC 1401

Language, Philosophy, and Culture 1 course
(3 semester hours)

DSDE 1374;

ENGL 2300, ENGL 2310, ENGL 2320, ENGL 2322,
ENGL 2326, ENGL 2331, 
ENGL 2371, ENGL 2376;

FREN 2312;

PHIL 1370, PHIL 2306;

SPAN 2312 

Creative Arts 1 course
(3 semester hours)

ARTS 1301, ARTS 1303;

COMM 1375;

COSC 1324;

DANC 2304;

MUSI 1306, MUSI 1309, MUSI 1310; 

PHIL 1330;

THEA 1310

American History 2 courses
(6 semester hours)

HIST 1301, HIST 1302, HIST 2301

Government /
Political Science
2 courses
(6 semester hours)

POLS 2301, POLS 2302

Social and Behavior Sciences 1 course
(3 semester hours)

ANTH 2346, ANTH 2351;

BULW 1370;

CRIJ 1301;

ECON 1301, ECON 2301*, ECON 2302*;

INEN 2373;

POLS 1301;

PSYC 2301;

SOC 1301

SOWK 2361

* Business majors must complete ECON 2301 & 2302 to satisfy degree requirements.