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Attend our Preview Day! Apply for free tuition! Discover how high-achieving students like you graduate college two years early through opportunities to pursue academic tracks, play sports, join the band, work on research with a mentor and participate in clubs and campus organizations.
The Texas Academy is an accelerated program for gifted and talented high school students in Texas who desire rigorous academics, innovative research and service leadership opportunities designed to enhance student learning and leadership in a variety of academic areas,
including humanities, STEAM and liberal arts.

Why LU's Texas Academy
is for You!


You are a High Achieving Student – Explore your passions early in a college environment better suited for your social preferences, maturity level and academic development.

Your Tuition is FREE – Texas Education Agency (TEA) pays for up to 15 credit hours per semester in the fall and spring. Students, under the guidance of our Texas Academy advisor, may also pursue more credit hours at their expense.

Graduate High School with Two Years College Credit (Finish College Two Years Early) – Maximize your junior and senior years of high school by simultaneously earning two years college credit. This enables you to graduate college two years early and start directly into your program of study.

Residential & Non-Residential Pathways – All students are encouraged to live on campus to foster a sense of belonging, fellowship and camaraderie. Students who live within a 30-mile radius of Lamar University have the option to live at home while attending Texas Academy.

Academic Tracks  You are empowered to expand your learning journey at Texas Academy by pursuing an academic track in Engineering, Pre-Med/Pre-Dental, Business, Pre-Nursing, Education or Multidisciplinary. All intended majors are welcome and we map your degree plan based on your future degree interests.

Play Sports and Join the Band – You have the opportunity to play intramural sports at LU or be the featured twirler or play an instrument in the LU Marching Band — it's your choice! Outside of Greek life and collegiate sports, all LU activities are open to Texas Academy students. 

Research & Faculty Mentors  Challenge your understanding of the world by participating in panels, conferences, LURA student organization, O.U.R. and opportunities to fund your research interests. Faculty mentors are available. 

Pathway to Honors  Tap into your curiosity through honors courses, ePortfolio/website development and leadership community.

Small Class Sizes  Honors and general education courses provide smaller classes to deepen your engagement with peers and professors.

Live a Balanced Life – Participate in creative and social activities by joining Texas Academy's unique clubs, Texas Academy SGA and any of the more than 150 organizations across campus.


Lamar University is where Texas’s extraordinary high school students thrive. Become one of our youngest top scholars. 

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