Carpool Southeast Texas

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Lamar University has joined the fight to improve air quality and alleviate traffic congestion in the area, and we need your help! We have partnered with Carpool Southeast Texas in an effort to encourage all of our students and employees to carpool to and from campus. Carpool Southeast Texas is a FREE program funded by the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation that serves travelers who live and work in and around Southeast Texas.

Have you ever considered the benefits of carpooling?

  • Save money at the pump. By carpooling with just one other person, you can cut the amount of money you spend on gas in half.
  • Reduce vehicle wear and tear by teaming up with other drivers to carpool.
  • Catch up on your reading while you commute.  By opting to take part in a carpool, you’ll have more free time to prepare for class, catch up on email, or even start that new book you’ve been meaning to read.
  • Commute faster in a carpool.  Fewer cars traveling to the same location means less time wasted sitting in traffic or fighting for parking.