Recycling on Campus

What can be recycled:

Outside recycling bins
 Lamar now has over 3,000 recycling bins on campus. All classrooms, offices, and dorm rooms have a recycling container. In addition, we have bins outside. Many of the outside bins are made from recycled milk jugs. If you'd like to see how many milk jugs it takes to make one recycling bin, look on the side of the bin.


Any non-confidential paper of any color, magazines, etc.


Cups, bottles, containers (please empty food and rinse if possible)

Cardboard, Dairy & Juice Containers, Paperboard

Flatten cardboard


Please empty food and liquid and rinse if possible


Excluding library books, recycle any paperback or hard cover books (with the covers torn off and thrown away).

E-waste and Batteries

Look for special bins for earbuds, cords, CDs, batteries, and other small electronic waste. These can be found at Gentry, in the Library, and in the Library.

Toner Cartridges

  • HP— Please use the HP Planet Partner (ARS) label provided in the HP toner box. Return cartridges in bundles of 2 or more. Attach the label and deliver the bundle to the campus mail center. Send the Ground A.R.S. Tracking Number Receipt (portion remaining after label has been removed) and the number of cartridges recycled via campus mail to Lisa Jackson, 10020.

  • Dell—Use the label they include and return the cartridge for recycling.

  • Other Brands with return labels included—Use the label they include and return the cartridge for recycling. · Other brands—Drop off at Best Buy or Office Depot or mail them off for recycling.

ABS and PLA plastics for 3-D printers

Many of the 3-D printers on campus have bins for recycling ABS and PLA plastics. 

Dr. Zhu's (Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering) lab, has built a filament extruder that will allow us to melt and rebuild filaments from this plastic waste.

Plastic Bags

Please use reusable bags whenever possible. If you do have plastic bags, you can recycle them at many stores in the community: Market Basket, Kroger, Kohls, Target, etc.

Other Items?

If you want to recycle other items and don't know where to take them, either keep scrolling or check out

When you recycle, please do not contaminate the recycling by putting in non-recyclable products. For example, even though the paper you are throwing in is recyclable, if it is in a plastic binder, the binder itself may not be recyclable. We also do NOT recycle pizza boxes, styrofoam (i.e. cups, packing materials).

Please do NOT recycle:

  • Food waste
  • Chip bags or pizza boxes (unless you tear off any parts with grease or food)
  • Liquids (please pour any liquids out of bottles before recycling)
  • Wax-coated boxes
  • Packing foam
  • Plastic bags, plastic wrap, or film

Please help educate your friends. Everyone wants to help, but not everyone knows what is acceptable.

Thank you for recycling!

LETS Share logo

Lamar now has an online site for coordinating exchange of usable items such as desks, chairs, etc. The internal employee site is

Employees can post unneeded office supplies, furniture or small office equipment for other departments to claim. It's also a place to find usable, free items that they need for their offices.

Shred-It logo

Lamar uses Shred-it bins to dispose of confidential information. That paper is securely recycled. In 2015, we saved over 1,100 trees by recycling confidential information.