Study Abroad Newsletter

Our Study Abroad Newsletter is produced by the Office of Study Abroad at the beginning of the Fall, Spring, and Summer. The newsletter contains student articles, photos, information on upcoming events, and new study abroad programs.


Call for Submissions

Written Content:

- Short essays or articles about your time abroad*
- An interesting story or experience
- Lists of top (5 or 10) places to go, foods to eat, etc. from your host country
- Blog posts (or links to a blog)


- LU Students
- Local landmarks
- Friends abroad
- Living like a local
- Food
- You!

Please note, we are always interested in your stud abroad experiences or topics that you find interesting regarding our office. Please email your submissions to

*Suggested topics: Culture, expectations vs. reality, favorite memories, people you met, projects, how to live like a local, learning a new language, arrival/departure, or anything related to your study abroad experience.