Study Abroad Fee Grant


The Study Abroad Fee Grant is awarded to all currently enrolled LU students in good academic standing. Students must apply before the deadline, otherwise their application will be ineligible for consideration. It is available for use on all LU short-term, faculty-led programs, approved programs through which the student will transfer credit back to LU, as well as semester exchanges. The award amount varies, though it is approximately $300.

1. Lamar University International Education Fee

As approved by the 72nd Legislature of the State of Texas, the students of Lamar University may vote to levy an international education fee every long semester. The funds collected, according to the legislative provision, may be used only to assist students who seek to participate in international study abroad programs. As a consequence, Lamar students not only have an opportunity to study in foreign countries, but they also may apply for financial support through the university's Study Abroad Fee Grant (SAFG) program. No funds generated from student fees shall be used for administering the program.

2. Awarding Authority

The Director of Global Studies and Study Abroad will serve as the awarding authority for the SAFG program. The Advisory Committee will be comprised of one member of the student body appointed by the President of the Lamar Student Government Association, three faculty members from the College of Arts and Sciences, and one faculty member from each of the other four colleges within the university.

3. Student Eligibility

  • Applicants must be enrolled in good standing or be admitted to a designated degree-granting program.
  • Applicants must be enrolled as active full-time students at Lamar University at the time of the application.
  • Applicants must hold a minimum 2.0 grade point average if an undergraduate student or a minimum 3.0 grade point average if a graduate student.
  • International students, like all other Lamar students, are eligible to apply for an SAFG; however, no money will be awarded to international students for study at Lamar University or for study in their home country.
  • Applicants either on academic/disciplinary probation or who have delinquent financial obligations to Lamar University are not eligible for an SAFG award.
  • Applicants must be Texas Success Initiative (TSI) compliant.
  • Applicants who apply to a study-abroad program offered through another university must be certain that the credit hours earned at the foreign institution of higher learning are fully transferrable to Lamar University. As part of the application process, a Lamar student must confer with his or her home department chair and with the respective department chairs who have signature authority in those other academic disciplines that pertain to the courses which the student plans to study abroad. All parties must agree in advance that the credit hours earned at the designated foreign institution are transferrable to Lamar and are pertinent to the student's chosen degree plan.

4. Contractual Agreement

Students who apply for and are subsequently awarded a SAFG must agree to the following conditions:

  • Successfully complete the academic requirements of the course or program and earn a passing grade for each college credit.
  • Dutifully obey all rules and regulations of the organizers and sponsors of the international program.
  • Adhere to all laws, rules, and regulations of the host country and host institution.
  • Accept personal responsibility for safety and health and to exercise prudent behavior given that all international travel involves potential risks to one's well being and security.
  • Indemnify Lamar University, the Texas State University System, and the State of Texas and its agents from any liability arising from participation in any international program or activity.
  • Inform the Director of Global Studies and Study Abroad of any change in plans concerning the international program of study and further to understand that if the applicant elects not to participate in the course specified in the application after being awarded a fee grant, for whatever the reason might be, the student is obligated to return in full the entire amount of the SAFG.
  • Refund all or part of the SAFG in the event of failure to fulfill contractual requirements.
  • Failure to comply with the above stipulations may result in punitive action against the student, penalties which may include, but are not limited to, suit for repayment of fee grant award, submission of complaint against a student to the Office of Student Life for disciplinary action leading to suspension, prohibiting a student from future registration, or blocking a student's records. Criminal violations will result in referral to appropriate authorities for immediate action.

5. Policies and Application Procedures

  1. Study Abroad Fee Grants (SAFGs) are intended to supplement the cost of study abroad. Important reminders:
    • As required by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Lamar University students who enroll in study abroad university-level credit earning courses must know that more than 50% of the actual course contact hours will be met outside of the United States.
    • Also, Lamar University students who enroll in study abroad courses or programs organized by other institutions must provide evidence that the credit hours earned at foreign institutions of higher learning are transferable to Lamar and apply to ones degree plan.
  2. SAFGs are distributed three times per academic year: for the fall, spring, and summer. However, the Advisory Committee reserves the right to make additional awards and to change distribution policies as circumstances require.
  3. Applications will be accepted only during the semester immediately prior to the semester in which one plans to study abroad: the spring semester for study abroad during the upcoming May mini-session, summer, and fall terms; the fall semester for study abroad during the upcoming spring term. The Advisory Committee is not obligated to accept any applications outside of these stipulated time frames, and all application materials must be sent directly to the Office of Study Abroad.
  4. SAFGs are limited to students who enroll in courses that will result in academic credit at Lamar University. Preference will be given to students who apply to Lamar University-sponsored courses. SAFG awards will not be given for non-academic related travel.
  5. Additional questions and queries should be forwarded to Dr. Jeff Palis (

6. Right to Change Policies and Guidelines

Lamar University reserves the right to change the policies and IEFG guidelines (items 1-7) as circumstances require. Modifications may range from altering the selection criteria to revising all other conditions and terms. Updates will be made public through the Global Studies and Study Abroad website, but only after they have been approved through the appropriate administrative channels. The Director and the Advisory Committee seek to institute efficient and fair guidelines for SAFG awards, and to that end, both are quite willing to propose changes to avoid unintended results that conflict with the program goals of promoting international educational experiences for Lamar University students.



Study Abroad Advisory Committee

Dr. Jeff Palis, Director of Global Studies and Study Abroad (Chair)

College of Arts and Sciences (Arts) – Dr. Catalina Castillón, Associate Professor of Spanish & Director of Modern Languages

College of Arts and Sciences (Sciences) – Dr. Stacey Knight, Assistant Professor and Articulation Coordinator, Dishman School of Nursing

College of Business – Dr. Mahdi Safa, Assistant Professor, Reece Department of Construction Management

College of Education and Human Development – pending nomination by Dean

College of Engineering – Dr. Liv Haselbach, Chair & Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

College of Fine Arts and Communication – Dr. Natalie Tindall, Chair & Associate Professor, Department of Communication

Student Government Association – Natalie Sfeir, speech-language pathology major, member of the Reaud Honors College

Provost’s Office (ad-hoc) – Dr. Jane Liu, Professor, Department of Computer Science