Students With Diverse Needs

Students with disabilities who may need accommodations for international travel should contact the Disability Resource Center by calling (409) 880-8347, or e-mailing

Kyle J. Mutz
Directory - Disability Resource Center (DRC)
Lamar University
P O Box 10087
Beaumont, TX 77710
Communication Building, Room 105
409-880-8347 (Phone)
409-880-2225 (Fax)

Also, the Department of Health and Human Services-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at CDC regularly publishes a Yellow Book online every two years as a reference for those who advise international travelers about health risks. The Yellow Book is written primarily for health professionals, although you may find the section "Travelers with Specific Needs" useful.

Access the CDC 2012 Yellow-Book online:
Please review Chapter-8-Advising Travelers with Specific-Needs, particularly those section such as Study Abroad, Travelers with Chronic Illnesses, Advice for Air Crews, Humanitarian Aid Workers and learn more about Pre-departure Planning, Health and Safety While Abroad, and additional Useful Links.